How to Overcome Discouragement

Hello Beautiful,

One thing that you might not be admitting right now is the fact that you are fed up,

Fed up of challenges, fed up of going through the same problems over and over, fed up of having no one to truly understand what you are going through, fed up of the same burdens and yokes!

Perhaps it’s the kind of fed up that’s is in the pit of your stomach and it makes you feel so sad, so weak and so despondent at times, that you can’t get out of bed sometimes. Perhaps you having been waiting for a big breakthrough for days, weeks, months or years and it just hasn’t happened. This could be in your finances, your relationship, your friendships, at work, in your marriage, in your physical body, in your career or in your business.

I want to encourage you NOT to give up hope, because as Joyce Meyer would say “Help is on the way”, she often also says “Don’t panic this is just a test”.

I want you to know that nothing bad lasts forever!

Good things are around the corner.

Exciting breakthoughs are on the way!

Your situation will turn around for good,

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Have faith my friend, believe, hold on to God, cling to the beautiful hope that you have.

Do what the bible says and become a prisoner of Hope.

“Return to the stronghold, O prisoners who have the hope; This very day I am declaring that I will restore double to you”. Zechariah 9:12

Joel Osteen says “Don’t be a prisoner of fear, doubt, worry…but instead be a a prisoner of hope”.

Here are 10 Quick Steps to take to Overcome Discouragement:

  1. Count your blessings
  2. Spend time thinking about what is right with your life instead of what is wrong with your life
  3. Help the less fortunate i.e. send some clothes to charity, donate money to a good cause
  4. Encourage friends or family with love and support that are going through a hard time
  5. Think of those that are going through worse things than you and thank God that you are not going through these things
  6. Thank God that good things are coming to you
  7. Hire a coach, work with a mentor or go for counselling (whatever you feel might help to thrust you out of discouragement)
  8. Take a break from chasing any big goals that are stressing you out temporarily to build momentum and to get your strength back 
  9. Have more fun in your life i.e. go to a party, go bowling with friends, watch a new movie in the cinema, go to a Karaoke event 
  10. Use affirmations to build yourself up. Say things out loud such as “I can do it, I am close to experiencing my breakthrough, I will never give up, I am healed and made whole” and so much more. 

My solution for you (My 90 Minutes Festive Success Breakthrough Session) 
– Do you need help with this? Sometimes you should reach out to someone who can help you break out of this type of feeling. Someone to hold you accountable.
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This session will help you in the following ways:
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– To get clear on ideas for overcoming obstacles
– To become more success driven and passionate
– To get your mojo back
– To become more confident
– To be refilled with strength to go for your dreams 
– To become more resilient
– Clarity on what you need to stop doing and the things you need to start doing 
– To get fresh ideas, success secrets and to learn how to work smarter not just harder
and so much more

Can’t wait to hear from you and to work with you delightful friend,

Many blessings and big hugs.

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons)
International Motivational Speaker and Success Coach


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