My Media Webinar TONIGHT at 8pm GMT

Dear Successful Friend,

Happy Monday,

Hope you are having a delightful day so far 🙂


I am hosting a live webinar tonight called
“The Media and Publicity VIP Intensive
Workshop” and I would LOVE for you to join me (live)

Topic: “5 Ways to Attract Publicity for Your Personal Brand or Business”

Here is what you will learn in tonight’s webinar:

1) How to Attract TV Interviews, TV Presenting Work, Magazine Features, Press, Radio Interviews, Guest Posts and Publicity in AMAZING ways!

2) Discover how to bring out the SUPER star in you and shine brighter than EVER before online and everywhere you go

3) Learn how to increase your confidence and charisma while also decreasing anxiety, nervousness and shyness

4) Find out the 7 types of events that you should be attending to dramatically LIFT your profile and brand!

Click here to register (hurry limited seats):

I will also share my success story of how I attracted over 150 TV appearances and the ways that I’ve promoted my business UK’s Dazzling Beauty in such a way that it now has 50 press releases which includes 6 covers since I set it up in 2012! Along with Live Q&A.


Can’t wait to hang out with you at the Media Workshop in a few hours!

Click here to register now:


God bless you 🙂

Queen xx

P.s. If for any reason you can’t make it LIVE (no problem) as we will still send you the replay, recording and some bonuses if you register! So sign up either way:

Oh and BTW I will be back to send you part two of “why your biz isn’t growing as fast as you would like it to” this week, so keep checking the blog 🙂 


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