10 Reasons why your Business is Not Growing at the Pace that you Would like it to (part 1)

Happy Saturday, I wrote a post today on Social Media about a week ago and thought to share it with you on my blog 🙂

This is perfect for you if you have a Business (especially an online business) or if you have a personal brand!

Perhaps you are not really attracting the publicity, clients or fans that you expected and below I will tell you the reasons WHY 🙂

10 Reasons why your Business isn’t Growing at the Pace that you would like:

1) You are not Posting Regularly enough on Social Media: 
You don’t use at least 2-3 platforms where you post regularly! Or perhaps your posts just aren’t interesting enough! You also need to be more strategic with your social media posts!

2) You Don’t have Enough Media Recognition for your Biz:
You barely have press, TV interviews, magazine features, articles etc! Basically the Media barely know that you exist and that’s a big problem for your business because without the Media everything takes so long!!

3) You are Inconsistent with your Affirmations: 
One minute you say “This is my time to move to the next level of success” or “Today is my day to attract 5 new amazing clients” then the next minute you are saying things like “Nothing ever good happens to me” or “My business sucks”. Make up your mind that you will only say good things no matter how it looks!

4) You Refuse to Make Videos: 
Sad to say but so many entrepreneurs or small business owners shy away from filming videos which is equivalent to leaving thousands of pounds on the table! This tip alone can literally change your business forever! Your customers/clients/potential clients can really get to know, trust and like you if you communicate with them through video…but if you keep avoiding this platform you aren’t really giving them a chance to truly check you out! They want to see what you look like and how you truly act before they sign up to work with you. I attracted over 150 girls and women into my pageant business and over 1,200 guests (that attended my events) and it was mainly because I made so many videos on YouTube.

5) You Never Invest in Yourself (or in your Business): 
Some of the ways that you can invest in yourself includes going for photoshoots, hiring a videography, graphics for your website, Business Coaching, Success Coaching, audio programme, courses, attending workshops, buying new clothes (fashion is very important for your brand). You have to keep up or overtake or you will be super behind!

And that’s all for now…I will be back to let you know the other 5 tips in a few days  so look out for my next BLOG POST! 🙂 


Good news, I am hosting a paid workshop on the 14th of April 2016 called
“The Media and Publicity VIP Intensive Workshop”

Topic: “17 Ways to Break into the Media and Attract Publicity for your Personal Brand or Business”

Are you struggling to attract publicity for your business or personal brand? Do you DREAM of being in magazines, in newspapers, on TV and on Radio but it’s not really happening as you envisioned?

  • If you have a mission, a story to share, a talent that you want to develop and get out there, or products and services that deserve media recognition then this workshop is for you!
  • If you know that you would be a great TV Host, TV Presenter, Radio Host etc but you don’t know how then let me show you the way!.

Click on the link below to find out more about the VIP workshop: 


I would LOVE for you to attend this SPECIAL Training! I will show you how I attracted over 150 TV appearances which includes TV interviews, voice-over work for adverts, guest speaking, TV hosting and TV Presenting. I have appeared in OK magazine, the Islington Gazette, Natural Sparkle Magazine and my business now has over 50 amazing press releases which includes 6 covers. I also studied Media Studies at College along with graduating with a BA (hons) degree in Mass Communications and Sociology. Mass Comms is where I discovered so much about the media which has led to my consistent media features and appearances. So let me teach you what I know. I am sure that I can help you to get excellent results just like I do with my clients.

Here is that link again, sign up now:

Limited spaces so sign up now. You can also pay a deposit to secure your place.

Remember to leave a comment below and let me know which business success tip resonated with you the most (from the list below). Do it now.

Many blessings

Queen xx


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