7 Ways to Use the Media More Powerfully to Do Good Work in the World

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One of the things that I am really proud of is my media and publicity features. This is because it is quite an honour to be on TV, in magazines and newspapers. It has really helped me to inspire and give success tips to thousands of people. 

The first Magazine that I featured in was OK Magazine and my first EVER TV interview was on BBC 1 where I had to speak about the Queen of England as a young child at my school 🙂  I remember my Aunties calling me and screaming down the phone with excitement telling me that they watched me on TV. Little did I know that I would be on so many more TV shows after that. I’ve had over 100 TV appearances since then. 

This can happen to you too if you would like to be in the Media and imagine what could happen to you if you just used the media a little bit more! 

Being in the media can do wonders for your business, brand, profile, blog, events and projects that you are involved in. It can really be a game changer for you and it can establish you as an expert or as an authority in your field. 

If you would like to discover ways to use the media more powerfully check out my tips below. 

Here is an old video of me on Ben TV being interviewed:

Here are 7 Ways that you Can Use the Media to do Good work in the world: 

1) Use the media to promote your products and services
Are you about to launch a new book, makeup line, clothing line, coaching service etc. Your products and services should not be hidden away my friend! There are people out there that need what you offer. You just never know who is suffering right now due to not having your encouragement, product or service. Use the media to get the word out there.  

2) Raise awareness of Youth and Community Projects:
Are you currently involved in a project? Use the media to share the good work that you are doing with the organisation. Your organisation could even find a really good sponsor as a result of being on TV. 

3) Raise money for Charity:
Let the media know about your upcoming 5K run, 10K work or marathon run for charity. I remember going onto a few TV shows when I was Miss Charity Kent and this led to me having more support from my fans and followers and I ended up raising over £1,600 for charity and went on to win Miss Charity UK and Miss Charity Europe for Face of Europe! I competed at Disney Land Paris amongst 56 UK and European finalists. A wonderful memory that I won’t forget. 

You can watch my old TV interview on Ben TV here

4) Attract ideal clients/customers for your business
I’ve had over 130 contestants that have competed in my pageant and about 1000 guests that have attended my events, this wouldn’t have happened without the media! The media can really help you to find clients and fill your live events. 

5) Become a Guest on a Show
You can attend different TV shows as a special guest and give advice on i.e.
Career, business, success, beauty, financial, legal etc. This is your chance to show the world what you know and educate people. This is especially useful for you if you are qualified or an expert in a specific field/industry. I wouldn’t recommend going on to TV to speak about assorts of randomness but try and stick to what you do in your career, business, what you’ve studied, what you are passionate about or what comes natural to you. 

6) Promote religious activities
I don’t believe in the word religion as such, I believe in having a relationship with God, but what I mean is you can use the media to promote i.e. an upcoming Church event. If you want 200 or 2000 people to attend your Church meeting/concert, you really need to get the word out there. Flyering can be excellent promotion strategy, but a live TV interview or 2 can give you more recognition and the chance to discuss the event in full details.

7)  Become a role model for young people or for your fans/followers:
You have a gift or talent to share. It’s time that you let the world know it and stop hiding it under a rock. We can sometimes say that we are waiting for God’s perfect timing. Sometimes God is simply the one waiting for us! Do something today to show God that you are ready for the next level of success.

And there you have it! 🙂 I just gave you 7 ways to use the media more powerfully!

So what’s next? You might be wondering? Great question…

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15 Things that I love (My Favourite things)

Hello my lovely friend,

Thanks for being here!

A picture of me in Dubai a few months ago 🙂

I thought to add some warmth into your life today by sharing what I love and let’s see how much we have in common…I also want to know what you love too so make sure you leave a comment at the end!

1) What’s your Favourite action film?
I think it has to be “Face off”

2) Tell us about your fave holiday?
I went to Dubai last year and I loved it so much! Such a beautiful country (named as the most beautiful city in the world) I agree. It’s so captivating with so many tall buildings, tremendous gold, beautiful beaches. I got to see the only 7 star hotel in the world and the largest aquarium in the world along with having lots of fun in the safari desert.

3) Evian or Volvic water?
Volvic, I love it so much 🙂 

4) What’s your favourite Ice-cream?
It’s hard to choose one, I like strawberry cheese cake and raspberry ripple

5) What’s your favourite milkshake?
It has to be banana milkshake

6) Venice or Rome?
I loved both but I would say Venice as going on the boat was so beautiful and the beautiful scenery and the shopping

7) What’s your favourite UK city?
It has to be London (of course) second after London is Brighton. I love Brighton so much! However I was born in Southampton so I should really say Southampton but I have lived in London for most of my life.

8) What are your favourite songs right now?
There are many songs that I like such as “Not letting go” by Tinie Tempah feat. Jess Glynne, I also love Maroon 5’s song “Sugar” and Mariah Carey’s song “Infinity”. I do enjoy listening to lots of praise and worship music too 🙂

9) Name one thing that you love to buy regularly?
I love stationery so much and so I always buy cute note books

10) What is your favourite food?
Yam and Plaintain but I also love chicken!

11) Who do you admire more out of these 4 Entrepreneurial Billionaires? Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump or Richard Branson:
My answer is Richard Branson and the Donald is a close second. I like Richard as he is the Face of his brand and he is always willing to try out new things and puts so much passion into all he does. He also knows how to really relax and have FUN! He is always smiling and he’s from the UK so I have to choose him haha. I like the Donald a lot too as he carries himself so confidently, he walks his talk, and he is really hard working, straight forward and he’s always in the media in a big way!

12) What Shopping Centres do you love to shop at?
Harrods, Selfridges and the Swarovski store! I am obsessed with these 3 stores. But it doesn’t mean that I shop there all the time, I go from time to time, whenever I want to spoil myself hehe 🙂

13 ) New York or Ohio?
I really loved visiting both of these cities for different reasons. I loved Ohio a little more due to having a really relaxing time there and going to a wedding there. I loved New York too though (it’s amazing but a lot like London so I am quite used to the city)

14) What is your favourite way of keeping fit and healthy?
I love working out with fitness DVD’s such as the 10 Minute Fitness Solution. I like working out at the gym, dance, and bit of kick boxing!

15) What is your success quote?
“When riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.”
– Napoleon Hill 

And that is a WRAP 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my latest blog post!

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