4 Ways to Attract Wealth and Abundance into our Life today!

How is your JUNE going so far? I am currently away for a International Conference and
I am enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the wonderful people that are here. YAY!

I thought to write a blog post on something that I think will help you a lot…but before I go into it, I want to ask you a few questions…

– Have you ever wondered what you can do to increase your capacity to attract wealth and abundance into your life? (Do you ever feel super stuck or broke?)
– Do you ever get sick and tired of the feast and famine situation that you often run into (one minute you have lots of money, the next minute you are struggling to pay the bills)
– Are you in need of money today and want to increase your capacity to receive more money into your life, business, bank account or paypal account?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions…then you are reading the right blog post! As I have a few ideas that I would love to share with that could rapidly increase your chances of attracting wealth and abundance TODAY! So keep reading below if you feel this is for you ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Give Some Money Away:
Kate Nothrup the author of the book “Money a Love Story” expressed that when we give money away that it makes us feel more abundant. I agree. If we see ourselves as broke we will act broke and become stingy and have a scarcity mindset. However if we give some of our money away it makes us feel good about ourselves and makes us feel as if we are in a position of power. So I recommend that today you give some money away. Even it’s just $1
or 2 pounds (there is no pound sign on this keyboard can you imagine haha).
Do you know anyone that needs money more than you? Are you able to donate a few pounds to Charity today? Remember that the bible says ‘What you sow is what you reap”
so when you give, more will be given to you. I want you to stop what you are doing and think for a few minutes….Do you have any kids that you can be a blessing to? Maybe you can invest in one of your children today. Are you sometimes stingy with your kids?
Or maybe you have a friend, sister, brother or a cousin that has a few financial struggles and can do with $10. Make it our mission to give this to them today. Open doors for more increase in your life. I honesty love giving and I give often. Givers are always prosperous.
It definitely makes me feel abundant when I give. It doesn’t mean that I never run into any financial hurdles (as we all do from time to time) but money always comes to me! from various sources and I believe it’s because I love to give. On the other hand I also believe that we shouldn’t spend recklessly, we should ask God for wisdom when we spend or we will struggle. We shouldn’t be careless with what we have.

2) De-clutter/Make Room for Wealth and Abundance:
Sometimes we have accumulated so many things in our lives that we truly have no room for abundance and wealth. We have too many old shoes in our cupboard, too many bits and pieces ofย  papers all over our desk. Our e-mails are flooded with junk mail, our purses/wallets are filled with a bunches of receipts or we have our laptop in a total mess (files are everywhere). With all of this clutter it can be hard for us to attract success. We are not showing God or the Universe that we want increase. We are basically demonstrating that we have no space for MORE and that we can’t even look after what we have or we are not willing to organise what we have (even if it means giving some things away). So my BEST advice that I can give to you today is to go through all of the things you have and grab a bin bag and start throwing things away i.e. bits of paper that you don’t need and odd socks. Also grab a bin bag or two and go through your wardrobes, closet and shoe boxes and donate some of your old things to charity.ย  Fill up at least 1 bin bag and go to your local charity shop and give them the bag. I always notice a flood blessings come into my life when I give old clothes to charity i.e. money for new clothes and shoes and this often happens to me because I give tons of my clothes, trainers and old shoes to charity. The last time I gave things away in my room….my whole room was refurbished a few days later. It was unplanned and a big surprise and I believe that it happened because I made room for wealth and abundance. I attracted a brand new bedroom. YAY! Thank you Lord.

3) Read books on Wealth Consciousness:
You have to change the way you think about money and one of the best ways that you can do this is to read books on wealth, prosperity and abundance.
Some good books to read include:
– Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
– The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Delois Wattles
– Money a Love Story by Kate Northrup
To name a few!
If you are serious about becoming rich, wealthy and attracting abundance then you have to, have to, have to….read books (like these) religiously. Gina Devee (Millionaire and Success coach) always discusses how she used to read the books “The Science of Getting Rich” and “Think and Grow Rich” cover to cover to change her money story and this is how she was able to change her money story from lack to abundance.

I also want to recommend that you study rich people i.e. Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson. They say that successful people leave clues so try and figure out what it is that they are doing differently that makes money come to them effortlessly
and learn from them.

4)ย  Meditate on bible scriptures on wealth and prosperity:
God wants his children to be rich, the bible is filled with tons and tons of prosperity scriptures and verses but how many of us really take the time to go deeper with God by really reading and meditating over these scriptures and holding God at his word?
Perhaps you might say “I pray once in a while and I read my bible once a week” well this isn’t enough. You have to go deeper. Pray using the scriptures, stand on the word of God. Also wait on God’s timing is KEY as He also has to prepare you for increase. The bible says that the blessing of the Lord maketh you rich and He adds no sorrow with it (paraphrased)
It also says that He will not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly.

ALSO check your motives. Do you want money to drink and smoke excessively? Is it only to prove that you are better than your peers? Do you want money to leave your family and to cut them off and never speak to them again? Bad motivates will repel money from you. You need to come up with good reasons to have money.

God know’s when it is the right time to give you money and once you have passed a few tests He will give you your hearts desire. He wants you to prosper, He gave you this desire in the first place.

Some scriptures to read and meditate on are:
– Genesis: 26: 12
– Deuteronomy 8: 18
– Joshua 1: 8
– Luke 6: 38
– Malachi 3: 10
– Proverbs 3: 9-10
– Psalm 37: 35

Make positive affirmations daily! Write down exactly what you want in your life, write down your goals, dreams and aspirations in present tense and confess these affirmations out loud (at least twice a day). Speak good things about your finances and avoid talking negatively about money and rich people because God will not give you something that you think is bad. If you think all rich people are evil how can you expect to attract wealth and abundance. If you always say that you are broke, how can you expect to be rich!

And there you have it…I hope you enjoyed my blog post LOVELY and wonderful friend.

1) Please leave a comment below and let me know below if you will try out any of these tips and which one you spoke to you the most.
2) Do you have any other tips on wealth and abundance that you practice that we can try out? Leave a comment below today!

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