7 Ways to Attract Wealth into your Life as an Entrepreneur 

Welcome to my latest blog post!

Today I’d like to talk to you about money!!  Yes I said it ‘Money’ 

Do you ever feel financially depleted? Do you ever feel as if you will never make it as an Entrpreneur due to bills, debts and financial struggle? Do you ever feel the pressure of constantly waiting for your next small or big pay day? 

If you have ever wished for money in your business and life then this blog post is for you? 

Here are 7 Ways to Attract Wealth and Abundance into your Life as an Entrpreneur: 

1)  Visualise yourself bring wealthy:

You would be amazed how much more money you will start to make once you start to see yourself as wealthy! Stop seeing yourself as poor, broke and needy and start imagining yourself as wealthy, successful and financially prosperous. You can do this by creating a vision board full of images that represent wealth and abundance. Cut out images in magazines or google images on wealth and money and print them out! Include positive words such as “I am rich” and pin them onto your vision board. Get into a habit of looking at your board twice a day and soon enough you will start to attract wealth and abundance. It really does work so give it a try! 

2) Use affirmations:

There is a pretty good chance that you are not saying the right things over your life! Maybe your confession is “I have no money’, ‘I’ll never be rich’, ‘I am so broke’, ‘I can’t afford it’, ‘Life is a struggle’, ‘Anytime I get money it dissapears’ if you are talking like this you are simply reinforcing what you see and your current experience rather than what you want, hence that’s why you keep getting the same results (lack, struggle and financial stress). So instead of speaking about your existing circumstances you need to switch things around and say things like ‘I am wealthy’, ‘riches are my portion today’, ‘money loves me’, ‘I deserve to charge what I am worth’, ‘I earn over £10,000 in my business every month without fail’, ‘I am debt-free’. Simply write out about 20 statements on a sheet of paper that you can confess out loud twice a day! And keep this up for the next 21 days and watch your finances turn around.

3) Change your belief systems:

Be wiling to give up what Joyce Meyer calls “Stinking thinking”. This is no good for you my friend! Stop thinking that ‘God doesn’t want to bless you’, ‘life is a B…’, ‘rich people are greedy’, ‘life sucks’ and all of those negative things! Life isn’t always fair, that’s super true! But wallowing in self pity isn’t going to change anything! Keeping a positive attitude is the best way that you can move forwards as a Entrepreneur. Keep hoping, keep believing and keep dreaming your amazing dreams! Sooner rather than later, everything you desire will come to you! Just trust and have faith! 

4) Make room for increase:

One of the best ways to attract new clients, new opportunities, wealth and riches is to make room for it! You could decide right here and now to do something about your current situation by being a blessing to the less fortunate. Grab a bin bag or two and give away some of your old clothes, old shoes, accessories, hats etc! Include things that you haven’t worn for years or things that you just need to get rid of because they don’t fit you or they don’t make you feel fabulous! Giving things away can make room for success, blessings, opportunities and good fortune! Once you have filled your bags, take them to your local charity shop! Yay! How exciting, not only are you being a blessing to those who need it the most you are actually making room for bigger and better things in your life and you are letting go of clutter that is potentially blocking your peace of mind and happiness without you even knowing it. 

5) Look after your money: 

How you treat money will determine how much of it you will receive. If you have a poor relationship with money, the chances are you will always have financial struggles, so you want to start working on a plan! The plan is, to learn exactly how to change your relationship with money from poor to good! You can go this by buying books on money such as “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill and “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles”. Gina Devee who has made over 7 figures in her business always mentions that she reads these two books over and over for an hour a day and then she writes in her journal once she finishes reading! So maybe you could start doing the same! Read and write! Discover new ways of thinking about money by reading these books and also invest in other wealth books! Stop reading poverty stories and tons if bad news everyday and subscribe to “Forbes Magazine” and “The Financial Times”. Also another tip that I would give you is to write down how much you spend and how much money comes to you everyday! It doesn’t matter if it’s buying a sandwich to receiving money from your grandma just write it down! The more you track your finances the clarity you have, you will start to know exactly what is happening with your money and how you can manage your finances more effectively. And also don’t spend every penny you get! It’s a bad habit that you need to learn to nip in the bud. Joyce Meyer says this (paraphrasing) “Spends some, save some and give some away”. 

6) Shop where the rich shop:

Now this might seem weird but stop shopping at the cheapest shops in the world and expecting to be rich! Rich people don’t shop at Primark they shop at stores like Gucci, Harrods, and Chanel. Am I saying that you should invest in a £2,000 hand bag just to feel rich and expensive? Not necessarily, but you could buy a few expensive things once in a whole even of it’s just means buying things that are £100 more than what you would usually spend. For example, if you can’t afford a Gucci bag, you can buy a bag from Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein these are still expensive and well-recognised designer stores but a lot more affordable. Or you can buy an expensive bottle of Prada perfume or a Chanel lipstick! There will always be be something in these rich stores that you can afford so just buy what you can afford for now until you make the kind of money that will allow you to buy the £2,000 hand bag! I am not asking you to live outside if your means but you will never be rich if you keep shopping in the pound store. You have to be willing to shop where the rich shop, it’s all about quality and not quantity. If you want to have the wealth that they have then start shopping where the shop! It will change your mindset and make you thinking bigger. It will make you think “I am going to increase my rates as I want to shop at these amazing stores and be able afford nice things” 

7) Stop resenting rich people:

Refuse to judge people that make a lot of money in their business. I must admit that I am on to be extremely happy for people that are rich but on a bad day I have found myself feeling a little bitter about how much others make compared to me, especially on days when I am struggling financially, it sometimes seems as if the millionaires out there are just soooo free, travelling me shopping whereas I am working hard on my desk! I have found myself thinking “What about me?” Or “Why do they have all of that money, what do they need it for?”. Haha!! But then I say “No” to stinking thinking, because I want that same lifestyle too and I’m sure that they work harder and smarter than what we cools ever imagine. So stop thinking of them as greedy, money grabbers, pigs etc If you can’t learn to be happy for rich people you will never have what they have! There is a pretty good chance that they have come from extremely humble beginnings and maybe one day they got sick and tired of bouncing checks and consistent declines when out shopping to the point that they decided that enough was enough and they finally realised that they wanted more and wouldn’t settle for poverty and lack anymore. No one wants to suffer forever so if they have finally discovered the secret to wealth and abundance and if they charge their worth then be happy for them! Know that when you celebrate the success of others that others will celebrate your financial success when it comes 🙂 so give up the resentment because God or the universe can’t give you more money if you think that all rich people are evil and bad! Once you let go of stinking thinking more financial blessings will come your way! 

Bonus tip: You need to stop beating yourself up for not making more money in your business and celebrate every pound or dollar that you make! Be full of gratitude knowing that big pay days are coming your way! One day when you are in a very good place financially you will look back and wonder and say “Why did I ever worry about money?”. Keep working hard and smarter and never give up! Your big break is just around the corner. 

And there you have it! Bam! I’ve given you a few ideas for attracting wealth and abundance into your business and life and so now it’s your turn! What do you do to attract wealth and abundance? Do you have any ideas that you can share with us? Or what’s your best tip from the list above? 

Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and please share this blog post with anyone who needs this! 

Have a blessed day.

Queen x


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