3 Ways to Make your Amazing Dreams Come True

Do you have amazing goals, dreams and aspirations but you don’t know how to make your dreams a living reality? Have uou relaxed your faith or thrown away your faith due to disappointments or failures? Are you sometimes put down so much by family, friends or critics that you feel hopeless and powerless to live the life that you have always wanted? If so this new blog post is for you 🙂 

 Here are 3 ways to make your amazing dreams come true rapidly: 

 1) Know exactly what you want: 

To attract success you must be crystal clear on what you want to achieve. Being half hearted can slow down your chances of attracting the results that you want to attract. I love what Marie Forleo says “Clarity equals power”.     So let’s say you have a goal which is to meet the man of your dreams but you have no idea what type of man you would like to marry then this will make it harder to attract the man of your dreams! So decide what you want and don’t keep changing your mind, if you want to make £100,000 a year then stick with this goal, how can God bring you what you want when you are undecided or indecisive? 

2) Write down your goals:  

Less than 2% of the population of world write down their goals and it is no wonder why we have a minority of successful people abd millionaires and a majority of people that are struggling to get by in life financially or struggling to make the impossible possible. Back in the day when Jim Rohn was getting started, his mentor tried to help him identify why he wasn’t achieveing the success that he wanted. He said to him “Let me see your written goals” and Rohn replied  “I don’t have any written goals” The mentor replied “I bet I can count how many hundreds you have in your bank account” and Jim replied “Do you mean to tell me that if I have written goals that my bank balance will increase?” The mentor said “Yes, dramatically” so Jim Rohn did just that, he wrote his goals down from that moment and onwards! Jim Rohn went from being broke and struggling to pay the bills to being a millionaire by the age of 30 and he also went on to become one of the worlds greatest motivational speakers that ever existed! My favoure quote of his is this “Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person”. 

I have always written down my dreams, goals and aspirations and this has resulted in me achieving some of the following: 

– Over 1,000 people have attended my events                                                         –  I have over 140,000 video views across 3 of my YouTube channels.        – I have spoken at some of the largest conferences and seminars in the world – I have met some of the biggest celebrities in the world and also some great local celebrities too                        –  I set up my own pageant and I’ve had over 100 girls compete in my pageant UK’s Dazzling Beauty                – I have 2 degrees, Masters’s degree in Education and a BA (hons) degree in Mass Communications and Sociology to name a few of my successes! I have had probably about 50-100 note books over the years as I just love writing my ideas and goals done. It gives me clarity and I start seeing what I want on paper and it drives me to do the work and to pray more specially.            I encourage you to do the same, buy a note book within the next 2-3 days write down exactly what you want. Do this daily and you will see bigger results than ever!

3) Get fit and healthy:

Keeping fit and healthy will increase your chances of attracting your amazing dreams! They often say that wealth and health go together! When you move your body, your body release endorphins which makes you feel good, happy and relaxed!             You can’t attract great success and god things into your life if you feel tense, uptight and stressed so work in your fitness weekly! I recommend that you do at least 10 minutes of fitness training everyday or you can work out 3-4 days a week for 30minutes to 1hr. 

Also eat healthier! 5 fruits and veg a day is what NHS (National health service) orders. So start doing that! Eat 5 fruits and veg everyday! And put down those burgers, chips and all of the takeaway and start making healthy meals and eat healthy snacks! There is nothing wrong with the occasional takeaway or doughnut! But this shouldn’t be done too often! We get carried away with bad food at times and this needs to be minimised. Eating healthy and drinking healthy will make you look good and feel good. Cut down on coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks and drink more water and smoothies, and as a result you will be more prepared to handle wealth, good things and success when they turn up! 

Disclaimer: Please speak with your doctor or dietician before you make any changes to your fitness routine or diet as I am not a doctor or a dietician. 

And there you have it! I’ve given you 3 ways to make your amazing dreams turn into a living reality! The most important thing that you must always remember is to never give up! Sometimes it will take days, months or years before your dreams come true! But don’t let time make you feel defeated! Everything will fall into place at the right time, your dreams will happen when the time is right and not one day later! 🙂 

Challenge: please leave a comment below and tell us what you do to make your dreams come true, what’s your number one secret to attracting success? Will you let us in? I so wanna hear from you! Leave a comment below! Go for it. 

I wish you and your family love and peace of mind.

Until next time. 

Queen Chioma

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