What to do when you don’t know what to do

Have you ever been in a situation where you honestly don’t know what to do? You feel completely stuck, completely alone, completely lost or totally frustrated? I think it’s safe to say that we have all been through this in our lives or we will go through this feeling at one stage in our life! Why? Because life is full of challenges, ups and downs and testing times! But wait…there is hope because in this blog post I’m giving you 3 things that you can do to cope, overcome and overtake and how you can find the answer and solution to your problems and smile again!

1) PRAY:  The bible says that if you have trouble you should pray! Some of our challenges could be a sign that we are on the wrong path in life, we have missed it, we are not  relaxing or resting enough or we have simply forgotten God! Seek God and ask Him why you are going through these trials, and journal your time with God? Ask him to give you knowledge, wisdom, understanding and a revelation! Read his word consistently to find peace, comfort and answers! Perhaps God will give you a dream, or he will open new doors for you or he will move you put of a bad situation, He might promote you or He might just say ‘hold on’ help is on the way’! Patiently wait for God to move in your life! He will never leave you nor forsake you! Confidently expect God to show up and show off in your life. Always remember that GOD REWARDS THOSE THAT DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM!

2) CONFESS GOOD THINGS OVER YOUR LIFE: How you talk in life (especially during tough times) will pretty much determine how slowly or quickly you will get out of the situation that you are in, this is not the time to act defeated and speak words of defeat, but rather you should speak words of hope, victory and success into your life and situation! Confess good things out of your mouth such as:

‘I can and I will’, ‘Good things are happening to me’, my breakthrough is coming at any moment’, ‘I am free and liberated’, ‘God has my back’, ‘Things will get better’, ‘I will make the right choices and decisions’ and so on!

Speak positively, be determined to speak like a winner and do this day and night to bring about a beautiful change in your life!


Is there anyone that could do with your love and encouragement right now? Is there anyone that you have completely forgotten about? Someone that could do with a phone call or a visit from you? Perhaps your grandma, a good friend, or maybe a sibling could do with your company! Do special things for others and be a blessing to others! This is one of the best ways to speed up your blessings and breakthrough! Thinking of yourself all day long isn’t a healthy way to live, put a smile on someone else’s face, water your grandpa’s plants, send thank you notes to customers and clients, help your Aunty out by baby sitting your cousins over the weekend! Buy your best client a beautiful gift, send a box of chocolates to your local Dentist, send a bag of old clothes to the nearest charity store, but flowers for your Mum, text your Dad an encouraging word from the bible! Get busy doing good in the world and everything good that you need will come to you in abundance!

I hope this helps you to feel uplifted and  motivated! Life certainly has it’s challenges but don’t despair my gorgeous friend! Help, hope and victory is on the way! You will make it, you have been a winner many times in your life and so don’t despair something good is just around the corner! Keep the faith 🙂

If you feel you need someone to help you through this stressful time, I would love to be a shoulder to lean on! Perhaps you feel stuck in your education, stuck financially or you feel that you are just not achieving success the way that you imagined! If you would like support, accountability and mentoring then contact me today! I would love to work with you, I offer coaching sessions and so reach out to me and let’s see if we are a good fit for each other!

My festive success seminar is coming up very soon in London! Watch out for it, details will be on my website shortly 🙂

Until next time!

Much love

Queen Chioma Nworgu