PODCAST: 5 Ways to Make Your Next Event is a Thriving Success – Feel Good Blogging Challenge (Day 5)


Welcome to blog challenge number 5: Woo hoo! For day 5 Alex has asked us to share something that can help others. So today I want to add value in your life by sharing ‘5 Ways to Make Your Next Event a Thriving Success’, so I want to start by asking you a few questions…

– Do you sometimes struggle to fill the room at your events?
– Do you sometimes worry that no one will show up to your event?
-Do you sometimes find it hard organising a event? Does the whole process seem so overwhelming?
– Do you dream of having successful seminar, party, wedding or a highly profitable fashion show event
but wonder if you can turn this dream a living reality?  

Well if this is you then you are in the right place as I have been in your shoes and have had these same worries whilst organising a variety of different events…I have managed to attract over 1,000 ideal clients to attend my events in over 3 years and so I want to share my tips with you in the podcast below.

I have organised several events which include: 
– Motivational Seminars
– Pageant and Modelling Training days
– Beauty Pageant Events (Live heats)
– Online Competitions
– Charity Fundraising Events
– Birthday Parties
– A Hair Show

I have helped to organise the following:
– Weddings
– Christenings
– A Football Match
– Book Launch Event
– TV Shows
– Conferences
– Photo shoots and Videos Shoots

So grab a pen and your note book and listen to my podcast and take lots of fabulous notes 🙂

Now it’s your turn, have you organised any events and if so tell us your best experience and one challenge that you faced and how you overcame. Also share what are your tips for organising a successful event.

I look forward to hearing from you and lots of hugs.


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