10 Things that you don’t know about me! Fun Facts – Feel Good Blogging Challenge (Day 4)

Happy Saturday,

Today’s challenge from the wonderful Alex Beadon is for me to tell you 10 things about me that you might not know already! I thought that I would share some fun facts with you 🙂 Perhaps all you are used to only watching my videos on YouTube or reading my blog posts. Well now you have the chance to find out a little more than what you see!

1) My favourite fruits are Banana and Orange, (but in reality, I love so many fruits, fruits are so healthy and juicy)

2) My favourite makeup item is liquid eyeliner. My least favourite make up item is Mascara (this may really surprise many girls/women as this is usually the number one favourite makeup item).

3) I am a Christian, a lover of Christ, I read my bible pretty much everyday and spend time with God on a daily basis too!

4) I have met/seen at least 20 Celebrities in real life. This includes Katie Price,
Gwen Stefanie, Tulisa, Kelly Rowland, Solange Knowles, Tina Knowles, Gary Barlow, Richard Blackwood to name a few.

5) The best success book that I have ever read is ‘Push for Success’ by Saira Khan this book was a life-changing book for me (I have mentioned this many times)

6) My Academic advisor once told me to quit University and get a job. But today I have 2 degrees. My first degree is BA (hons) in Mass Communications and Sociology and a Masters degree in Education. Along with that I also have 20 other qualifications and speak at International Education Conferences in Bulgaria, Turkey.

7) My idea of a holiday is doing something sporty everyday! From water sports to football. Most people’s idea of a holiday is relaxing on a beach.

8) I used to study the dictionary and the thesaurus and this is one of the ways that I invested in myself and made myself more articulate and intelligent. Perhaps this is what led to me attracting many motivational speaking and presenting opportunities.

9) I have travelled to over 40 cities and states across the world, this includes: Vienna, Abuja, Portharcourt, Lagos, Venice, New York, Ohio, Istanbul, Cardiff, Swansea, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Florence, Milan, Paris, Oxford, Kent, Yorkshire to name a few! The place that stood out to me the most was actually Blackpool as I couldn’t get over how people dressed there. I could spot all the people that were wearing the colours red, blue, yellow and white and every time I wore one of these colours at least 20 people would be wearing it on the streets too. I am not sure if it is still like that now but it was pretty interesting 🙂

10) I believe that Confidence is King and Charisma is Queen and without these two qualities you will find it really hard to stand out and shine in life. These two qualities can open so many doors of opportunity for you from job interviews to winning awards.

Bonus Fun Fact: I have this top in the picture below in approximately 20 different colours. I have some of these tops x 2 (i.e. I have two yellow tops in the same size and same colour)!


So now it’s your turn you wonderful friend!

Please leave me a comment below telling me 3 fun facts about you!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Many blessings

Queen Chioma

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