My Passion, My Story – Feel Good Blogging Challenge (Day 2)

My Passion

My passion in life is to achieve all of my dreams, goals and aspirations and to inspire people to go out there and do the same!

I follow my passion by singing, performing live, organising events, coaching, presenting speaking at events, I follow my passion by deciding to work for myself as an Entrepreneur! I am passionate about what I do in my life to help others.

I am on a million to accomplish greatness so I do not limit myself to doing one or two things in life! I want to do as many amazing things as I possibly can so that I can look back one day and say wow I achieved so many amazing things in my life.

I have had a few defining moments in my life! I will share a few with you:

Defining Moment 1: Working in a inspirational environment
I think that the day that I began to transform in my life was when I started working at Selfridges in Oxford Street, I started working here when I was about 19 years old. When I started working here it was as if a new door was open for me! I felt as if I finally was around the right people. I have always been extremely friendly, enthusiastic and optimistic but I just needed to be in the right environment to bring out more of these qualities within me and so it was great to be around people that were just like me! I love smiling at people, lighting up the lives of others by being encouraging and Selfridges had so many people working their with the same qualities. The company itself had high standards and values in relation to customer service which was also valuable to me! I met so many celebrities when I worked there and at events and this made me feel as if I was supposed to be a celebrity one day! I guess I am like a mini-celebrity in some way shape of form (so I am told) but the most important thing for me is being a blessing to people and serving God.

Defining Moment 2: Changing my course at University 
Another life changing moment for me was when I was studying at University. I was doing a course that I disliked immensely and I finally changed my course and my whole life changed. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and Sociology then I went back to University about a year later after working for a great company and completed my Masters degree in Education, I graduated in 2007. While I was at University studying my 1st degree, I started reading books on Success and the book that really changed my life was the book called ‘Push for Success’ by Sara Khan 1st runner up of the Apprentice Series One. I was so amazed by what she did to achieve success that it pushed me to do more than ever before! This book was like my success bible. Because of this book I have travelled to over 22 cities across the UK and over 40 cities and states in total across the world! This would not have happened if God did not use Saira Khan’s book to transform my life. So I recommend that you run out and read it today!

You can check out my University story here:

Defining Moment 3: Competing in Beauty Pageants and Becoming a Pageant Director

I actually created a Podcast on my Beauty Pageant Story: It is all about how I won many awards, crowns and titles and how I set up my pageant business UK’s Dazzling Beauty from scratch in 2012 and turned it into a thriving business! You can click on the link below to listen to it:

Thanks so much for reading my blog post!

Please leave me a comment below and tell me what your passion is and a sentence or two on your story!
I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

See you tomorrow.


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