4 Key Reasons Why you are not Making Enough Money in your Business

Do you feel quite stuck in your business and you can’t see a way out financially at times?
Do you have big aspirations to earn so much money that you can literally travel when you want and pay your bills with ease, but in reality it’s just not happening yet? If you are struggling to make ends meet and you are wondering why you are not making enough money in your business then read below.

In this blog post I share 5 key reasons why you are not making enough money in your business:

1) You are not networking enough:
– you need to network more on social media this means actually engaging I discussions and working hard to build a following
– Join more groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and more value in those groups
– attend networking events, seminars, conferences and exclusive events and get the name if your brand out there in a bigger way than ever before

2) You are not consistent enough in your marketing:
– You are too inconsistent and you need to become more consistent in order to build trust and to make your clients and customers feel as if they can rely on you to show up!
– What you have done is enough to get you where you are today but it’s not enough to get you were you want to go
– If you make a video once a week and it’s not helping you to attract enough clients why not start making two videos a week? Or if you post 20 letters a month to various companies and potential clients to try and promote your business but you are not getting enough results then why not increase it to 40 letters a month! If you want to double or triple your following you must double or triple your marketing efforts

3) You are stuck in your comfort zone:
– Do you really want your business to make more money or are you just saying it? When was the last time that you actually implemented what you were thought?
– Are you hiding in your comfort zone and expecting major business to just show up in your life without sheer effort?
– It’s time you make a change. From this day onwards determine to talk to at least 3 people a day about your business! This could be your local shop keeper, a woman at the library that you happen to sit next to and your hairdresser. Give them your flyer, business card and ask them to contact you if they are interested in your services or if they know anyone else that is interested in your services . If you speak to 3 people a day in a week this will mean that you would have promoted your business to 21 people and in a month you would have promoted your business to 84 people! Now if you do that along with your general marketing imagine how much business and new clients you will have!

4) Your business lacks media recognition:
Having one or two press releases is good but most successful businesses have about 40 press releases, TV interviews, features in magazines etc and perhaps many if your current competitors are in this position now! So you need to up your game! So every week make it a habit to look for opportunities to break into the media to boost your company name! Write down a list of TV shows, magazines, newspapers, blogs and podcasts that you believe your clients watch, read or tune into and start contacting these media houses and ask them to feature you! Create a press release once a week and email it to various producers, editors, media houses, hosts and presenters! The more you feature in the media in a positive light the more your business will attract the amazing clients that you are looking for!

So there you have it! It’s your time to earn more money in your business so take these tips and get busy! But before you go please leave me a
comment below and let me know which reason speaks to you most and why? Which idea will you implement with speed?

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