2 Ways to give your Social Media a Makeover!

– Are you sick of seeing people have amazing success through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and wonder why that can’t be you?
– Are you afraid to get started on YouTube because you don’t know what type of content to share?
– Are you bored of social media and want to spice things up?
– Do you ever feel afraid to be on social media due to feeling overwhelmed by how much time it consumes or not fully understanding how twitter works?
If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions then this post is for you as I’m gonna you a few ideas of what you can do to take things to the next level.

1) Schedule things in:

“If it’s not scheduled in to your calendar it doesn’t exist” – Marie Forleo

I am sure you have this amazing vision of spending so much of your time updating our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to find new clients, to network effectively, to get your company name out there in a bigger way and to stand out like never before! but you just can’t find that solid time to do it! So why not plan ahead and schedule in a chunk of posts in advance using Buffer App? You can download this great social media management tool today! This will help you to be ahead and on top of your social media posts and not behind! All the big time marketers and successful entrepreneurs use buffer app or another tool that gives them the same scheduling opportunities.

2) Share amazing content:
Gone are the days that you share junk mail, annoying videos, irrelevant joke videos and random images that don’t serve you or your brand! If you want to give your social media the fabulous makeover it deserves then you must change your game plan and start posting content that your fans and followers actually want to see and hear! This can be inspirational videos, encouraging words, success quotes, bible scriptures, expert advice, articles and important updates! Get your friends, family, clients and everyone that you know to absolutely love you by posting great content starting from

So now it’s your turn! Get a pen and a notebook and write down 2 more things that you can do to give your social media a makeover! Then leave a comment below sharing one of them.

Go get em!!

Love from Queen Chioma

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