4 Reasons Why your Business Isn’t Attracting the Success that you Want

– Are you struggling to achieve your business goals?
– Are you frustrated because you feel you should have made it big by now?
– Are you wondering what’s blocking your success in your business?

If so these 4 reasons might enlighten you:

1) Your repelling success because of your working habits and mindset :
When you want something so bad and it’s not happening as fast as we want we can sometimes get weary, bitter or frustrated and lose our faith! We think we are believing that our breakthrough is around the corner but in reality negative thoughts have began to bombard your mind and it’s stopping you from receiving the very thing you want! So what you need to do is take a lil break now had then on your journey to success! Do something fun and exciting to give you the boost of energy that you need to keep going…don’t just focus full on your goals without taking small breaks and big breaks now and then. For example if you are working on a project on your laptop and it will take 6 hrs to complete every 1 hour take a 5 minute break (go for a some fresh air, pop to the shops, watch a few minutes of TV, water the plants in the garden, do some stretches, eat an apple or a banana, make a business call, text a friend) also include a 30 minute lunch. It’s so important that you learn how to take a break. Working with no breaks can make you sick, achy and maybe even dizzy so take care of yourself when you are on the way to success. This will help you to make it big in your business.

2) A lack of vision:
You consistently lack vision of success. You don’t imagine yourself winning in your business or making the money that you dream of making! Perhaps you’ve had some disappointments where you launched a product and very few people signed up and now you feel defeated. Don’t despair it’s happened to the best of the best! success is just around the corner but you do need to have a vision for success! Imagine big, dream big, believe that you can have a big business breakthrough that can change everything for you! Shake off your disappointments. Believe that you can go from average sales to extraordinary sales and from having hardly any clients to tons and tons of clients. It’s only a matter of time! If it Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and Marie Forleo have made it big in business then so can you! Believe that you can have success too! In the words of Journey South ‘Don’t stop believing’

3) Lack of publicity:
You can have the most amazing business in the world but if no one knows about it your pretty much in trouble! You desperately need visibility and exposure to grow your business. You need to break into the media my friend! You need to feature on TV, be a guest on podcast shows, be on radio, you need to feature in magazines and get press releases. I’ve managed to attract over 150 appearances and have featured in tons of newspapers and magazines personally and my business now has nearly 40 press releases! We recently featured in Essex Style Magazine and The Basildon Post! I can’t tell you what this has done for business’s, sales and brand! It has helped me to make thousands of pounds. By featuring on TV shows, magazines, radio shows etc the media pretty much do the hard work for you! They are reaching thousands or millions of your ideal clients on a daily or weekly basis so all you need to of is get in front of their audience. Write a list of 10 TV shows, radio stations or magazines, blogs that you’d like to feature in and contact all 10 within the next 2 weeks! Send them your story and ask them to feature you, tell them why you want to come on their show, or why you want to feature in their magazine! You’ll be surprised at how the media will help transform your business. Richard Branson consistently uses the media to take Virgin to new heights of success, do the same my friend!

4) You are not marketing consistently:
A poor marketing strategy will lead to a lack of sales and a lack of clients! It may be that you are focused on selling on Facebook only but you haven’t tried other methods such as the traditional ‘handing out flyers method’ one of my events wasn’t as successful as other events recently and I spoke with the hotel to ask why this might have been the case they said that in the area people prefer to get flyers and they just like the traditional face to face marketing, whereas on that occasion I focused more on online marketing which didn’t prove to be successful so I challenge you to try and new method of marketing. The best thing to do is to exhaust every avenue I.e. Sending out letters to clients, giving out flyers, video marketing, networking at events, ask for testimonials and referrals! If you rely on only social media you might find that you are kissing out on hundreds or thousands of potential clients. Fabienne Fredrickson always says that Entrepreneurs need to get off their computer and go out and network in real life and she’s right! She discusses the need to be omnipresent and by this she means be everywhere! On social media, at events, in the media etc! This is the best way to make it big in your business my friend!

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Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons)

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