5 Ways to Use Facebook to Uplift your profile and Attract Amazing Opportunities

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It’s a beautiful summer day here in London UK! And in the words of Justin Timberlake I can truly say ‘I’m loving it’. I am having a great time enjoying this lovely weather as I am sure you are too in your neck of the woods!

Today I went to the Emirates and filmed a lil video for Instagram check it out! My Instagram is @ queenchioma

Soooo…I created a new video a couple of days ago on how to take your Facebook to the Next level.

I’ve been able to use Facebook to achieve some of the following things:
– Winning many crowns, awards and titles
– Attracting amazing TV interviews, press releases and publications
– Meeting people that have connected me to amazing opportunities such ad featuring me on their podcasts, featuring me in their books, collaborations etc
– I used Facebook to help me and companies that I have worked for as project manager raise thousands of pounds for Charity
– Built a following of thousands of followers, liveries and supporters who have believed in me and encouraged me to achieve my dreams
– Been invited to prestigious events an honourable invitations as a result if Facebook I.e. I was invited to open Stardust Boutique in Swansea Wales in 2012
– Used Facebook to build my business UK’s Dazzling Beauty and now we have nearly 40 press releases with over 1000 guests that have attended our events since 2012 and nearly 100,000 hits on our 2 websites and blog combined
– I managed to use Facebook to turn strangers into clients and repeat clients!! I now have hundreds and hundreds of customers that always but my products and services and those that always attend my events.
….this is just to name a few!!

So in this video I will teach you how to do the same! How you can also use FB to achieve greater things than ever before:

Watch it here: http://youtu.be/kgIiosvt01s

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