5 exciting places that you could visit over the next 30 days:

Hello my lovelies,

Picture of us at my event ‘Surrey’s Dazzling Beauty 2014’
My contestants and I, with one of our winners


I hope you have had a wonderful week so far and want to give you lots of hugs and love…I want to discuss the idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone to experience new things, see new places and to meet new people.

Over the years had the opportunity to visit some amazing places locally and globally on my journey of success and I want to encourage you to also visit places that are fascinating and exciting.

So here it is, the 5 exciting places that you could visit over the next 30 days:

1) Sea Life or Sea World:
It’s so beautiful to visit a big aquarium and see thousands of fishes, sea animals and to look at how they live in water! I went to Brighton Sea Life in 2013, and it was a lovely experience. I recommend that you visit an aquarium even if you have been before, go again! If you have kids take them there, I’m sure they’ll love you even more for it! You should definitely go before 39 days are up; if you haven’t been before. If you live in London you could also visit London Zoo as you can see the animals and the fishes as they have an aquarium at the zoo too!

2) A Museum:
I’ve been to some amazing museums
I visited a couple of great ones in Bulgaria and I really enjoyed visiting a museum in Bristol. My favourite museums of course have to be the National History Museum and Science Museum! It’s so good to get aquatinted with history and science. Discover how things were made, what people went through decades again and that way we’ll begin to value what we often sometimes take for granted.

3) A Beauty Pageant:
I have been so fortunate to have experienced the beauty of competing in several pageants which included competing in Disney Land Paris for Face of Europe in 2011 where I won Miss Charity Europe! I now organise my own beauty pageants called UK’s Dazzling Beauty (just incase you didn’t know) a beauty pageant is always fun, entertaining and touching, you can meet beauty queens, models, distinguished judges, talent scouts and amazing performers at such events and it’s an experience that I believe that everyone should have! So I am personally giving you an invitation, if you ever want to visit my pageant you are more than welcome visit simply website and keep up to date with upcoming heats www.uksdazzlingbeauty.com

4) A new city:
Going to a different city or visiting different cities in general can really be refreshing and a nice break away from the mundane routine of your day to day life! It’s also less expensive than travelling to another country.
My passion for travelling has led me to visit over 22 UK cities and 11 cities in other parts of the world these include:
Sofia, Ohio, New York, Oxford, Lagos, Milan, Plovdiv, Blackpool, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Venice, Port harcourt, Paris, Birmingham, Florence, Brighton to name a few. I’m so happy to have had these experiences and I dream of having many, many more experiences of travelling locally and globally by Gods grace.

5) An Exhibition:
There are so many exhibitions that are organised that you could attend to experience something new and to meet new people also. You can also find out about new products, buy the latest products and find out about the latest trends, fashion or inventions at exhibitions. It’s also good to go to meet people in the media such as journalists, celebrities and exclusive business leaders. I have attended a variety of exhibitions from Digital media, broadcasting and business exhibitions to Beauty exhibitions and I never go home empty handed!
You get lots of goodie bags and can buy some cool products.

So that’s my 5 exciting ideas of places you could go to over the next 30 days!!

Can you add another 2 or 3 places to the list? Go for it! Leave me a comment below.

I would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend.

Love from Queen xx

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