How to Have Swagger Confidence – Interview with Byron Van Pelt on my Radio Show

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A few weeks ago I had the chance to collaborate with Bryon Van Felt a certified Confidence Coach and the Author of the Book ‘Unshakable Swagger, a man’s guide to being confident, anytime anyplace…period!’ from the USA, his website is:

In the live interviewI asked him many questions that will really help my MALE followers
and male fans, the questions included such as:

– How can a man become more confident?
– What are the signs of the confident man?
– What qualities show that a man is confident?
– How can a man be more focused in life i.e. in achieving your goal, in your relationship, in your career
– How can you view failure in a different way so that you don’t feel discouraged and rejected?
– What is the book ‘Unshakable Swagger’ all about?
– How can a man be confident in a relationship/marriage if his girlfriend/wife is more successful than him?

Bryon gave some amazing answers, tips and advice that you can do to start building confidence as a man. He gave lots of tips on various topics which included relationships, self-esteem, focus, how to be more independent, how to show love, how to achieve your goals, how to deal with rejection and so much more! Men you will just LOVE this show!

Click here to check out this 80 minutes interview featured on my show ‘Blog talk radio’:–interview-with-byron-van-pelt#

Look out for the next blog post as I also featured on his Podcast. Look out for the link coming shortly.

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