How to be a Thriving Female Entrepreneur

Happy February and welcome to my birthday month and the month of love,

Today I want to speak to all of you fabulous female entrepreneurs that dream of doing great things in life and in your business. Perhaps you work from home and wonder how you will ever increase your income, maybe you worry about how you can move to the next level of success or how you can have a consistent flow of clients. If you feel this way (even it it’s now and then) here are 4 top tips on how you can thrive as a Female Entrepreneur:

1) Be Decisive:
Start off by deciding exactly what you want to achieve in 2014 and make up your mind to achieve it, you can not be half hearted and expect good things to come your way, you must get to the point where you believe that your business goals will come true no matter what you see, think or feel. If you are expecting to earn £100,000 by December 2014 then ask yourself this question ‘Do I really want to achieve this and will I really be willing to persist and be patient until it happens’ realise that it may happen overnight or it might not, it may take a couple of years but the most important thing is to keep believing in your dreams with positive expectation.

2) Surround yourself with thriving female entrepreneurs:
It is so vital that you realise that you can’t do this on your own. There are too many challenges that we face on a daily basis and so that is why we need each other to really succeed. Network and and mastermind with amazing women that will inspire you to achieve great things and you will start to thrive more than ever in your life and in your business.

3) Be Happy:
Sometimes when you work so hard in your business you can forget to smile, laugh and have fun, Why not try patting yourself on the back every now and then and celebrate your successes, you’ve come soooo far and so you need to reflect on this every now and then, don’t let a few hurdles in your business stop you from being happy. Make sure you take the time to enjoy your life, you could do this by watching a movie once a week or play with your kids more often, join a class or catch up with old friends. Schedule in fun time into your calendar to increase your happiness.

4) Implement what you learn:
If you are like most female entrepreneurs you are really diligent to attend courses, listen to audio programmes, read books, you’re eager to learn and eager to succeed in your business. However you could potentially be absorbing way too information and filling yourself up with lots of knowledge yet failing to implement what you learn; which results in a lack of progress. It’s a bit like watching fitness DVD’s but not actually doing the exercises. This has to change, implement 10x more from today onwards and you will thrive 10x more in your business.

a) I want you to write a list of 10 things, tips, tricks, suggestions, ideas that you have learnt over the years as a Female Entrepreneur and as yourself this question i.e. ‘Am I doing any of this?’ go through your list and choose two things that you can implement over the next two days and get cracking.

b) Write out 5 ways that you can add more fun into your life to create a higher level of happiness and choose one of these things and do it this week.

c) Leave me a comment below and tell me any other suggestions that you can add to this list of how to be a thriving female entrepreneur. Do you have some brilliant things that you do on a daily basis? Share it below.

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Have a wonderful week fabulous lady and keep your head up high! You can do it 🙂

Lots of hugs and love