7 Awesome Tools, Apps& Websites that I use to run my Business

Running a business is never easy!

It requires a lot of hard work, sheer determination, effort and commitment.

You will need to consider using tools, apps and websites which can help you to:
– Advertise your services
– Promote your products
– Interact with your audience
– Promote yourself
– Demonstrate creativity
– Give your audience a place to interact

Over the years I have used sooooo many tools, apps and websites and have fallen in LOVE with some new ones too. There are at least 21 that I use on a weekly basis.

Here are 7 of them below:

awesome tools that I use for my website1) Drop Box:
Dropbox is like a hard drive, an online cloud that you can access where ever you go. I only started using drop box a few months ago. This is a great avenue for recieving large files i.e. videos and high resolution pictures. This has been a great way for me to recieve footage that I can download and upload to youtube or to my website. It is great for sharing files  Dropbox is free, thet give you 2GB but you can also upgrade it to get more bandwidth.

2) Evernote:
You can download this app on your iPad or Mac Book (in the app store). Evernote is like a note book app that allows you to  gather all of your ideas and notes. I use this to jot down things that come to my mind whether that be ideas or information. I also use it to download PDF’s and e-Books that I purchase. It can also be used as a great tool for recording your ideas or notes as a audio playback file. If you are anything like me you love making positive affirmations. I sometimes record myself saying good things and listen back to it. You can access your Evernote files anywhere you go, it is cloud like dropbox. It is free (upto 2GB).

3) Constant Contact:
This is website that allows you to implement effective email marketing and gives you a platform to build your list. This has helped me to create fantastic newsletters for UK’sDazzlingBeauty, I call my newsletters the ‘Pink Fabulous Newletter’ and it looks exactly like my website (constantcontact can do this for you for free if you convert from the free trial to a payment plan). This tool keeps me HIGHLY connected to my audience.  You can customise your templates to send emails that match your brand. You can also create invitations and surveys. You can also track your emails and see the results after each campaign, you can track how many people read your emails and how many times they have clicked on links. I truly love this website/tool and recommend it.
Constant contact gives you a free trial for 60 days.

4) Adobe Audition:
I absoultely love this professional voice recording and voice editing software. You can download it from Adobe cloud or purchase the software directly online or at a digital store. Audobe audition allows you to create amazing audio recordings. This can be great for creating footage for your podcast show or radio show. You can also add sound effects such as echo, reverb and noise reduction for higher quality audio recordings. This is a software that I really want to get familiar with over the next few months and use it to the FULL as it is so valuable. You can download a free trial for 30 days.

5) PicMonkey.com:
I love this website. It is great for you if you are not too familiar with photoshop but want to touch up images, add text and if you are keen to make some creative, fun infographics. Recently I have started creating infographics and quotes using picmonkey and I find it very useful for my business. I can share inspiring messages and lists using different texts, colours, special effects and backgrounds to draw my target audience to my business. (see the image above, I created it using picmonkey) If you to show the creative fun side to your business start playing around with this tool today! You can use this website for free. Or upgrade to  for as little as $2 a month.

6) Camtasia:
I came across this professional editing software (for PC) not long ago and I have started experiementing with it and have fallen in love with it already! I can already see it’s true value. This software It is mainly known as a tool that allows you to record your screen. It is just awesome. You can create powerpoint presentationsusing your PC, then hit the record button on camtasia and record your screen and voice at the same time, then edit the footage and upload it to your website or YouTube. This tool is extremely useful for creating online courses and tutorials which can increase your profits and sales.

7) BlogTalkradio:
I love this website. It allows you to create your own online radio show
. My online radio show is called QueenChiomaShow and it has had over 22,000 listens and over 16,000 downloads. This has been a great way for me to teach, motivate and inspire my fans, audience and clients. You connect to the show using skype or telephone. It has such a professional look and feel, there is a real online studio where you can host your show. You can also allow guests to come onto your show. I have interviewed two people at the same time. You can interview many more! Random guests can also call into the show and you have the option to accept the call or not! Blogtalkradio has been a great way for me to promote myself, my motivational messages, services, social media platforms, music, events and my business. You cand start with a 30 day free trial, then you can upgrade to premium services (they have a few that you can choose).

If you want to expand your audience, sales and profits in 2014 then make sure you check out these apps.

Of course they’re are so many more apps, tools and websites that I use to run my business and to promote my events, music etc.
I will be here all night if I listed them all…if you need any advice, tips or training on how to use these apps for your business then hit me up (simply leave me a comment or connect with me on facebook, twitter, instagram or visit my website
see my details below)

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1) Before you go….I would love for you to leave me a comment below, let me know what apps/tools or websites do you use to promote your business?
2) Choose one of these from above and get using it asap! Start using one of these tools from this week onwards to grow your business (you will love it so much and end up thanking me 😉

I look forward to hearing from you. STAY BLESSED and BE CREATIVE!!

Many blessings

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons)

2 thoughts on “7 Awesome Tools, Apps& Websites that I use to run my Business

  1. This is a pretty good list! I use the same tools with these exceptions: I use sendreach as my email provider because I love the social tools features…but it doesn’t have the pretty templates that constant contact has..I use the free audacity instead of adobe because I’m cheap:)..I use to use blog talk but writing is more my thing..and schedules are not. I wish they had a way to pre-record your show and upload it.:(

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 oh wow I must check out sendreach, yes audacity is also good and it’s free. I think that with blogtalk you can now upload pre-recorded shows, I really do not enjoy blogging which is why I have decided to try out the 31 day blog challenge as it will help me work effectively and blog. I look forward to checking out your blog. Many blessings. Queen x

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