3 Ways to think positive during tough times

Dear friend,

My big dream for you is that you reach your FULL POTENTIAL in 2014.
It is a must that you make your dreams a living reality and cling to your faith!

Thinking positive is KEY, because sometimes it may look like your dreams will never happen but it could be just around the corner, it could be closer than you think.

I am hopeful and optimistic that something wonderful is coming your way and so I want to encourage you with some ways to adopt a positive mindset while waiting for your blessings

1) Think of things to be thankful for:
I recommend writing out a list of 10 things that you are grateful in the morning and at night before you go to bed and thank God. I recommend that you read out your positive list also so that you can hear the good things that you have in your life out loud. You can also be thankful for good things that are to come i.e. ‘I am thankful that I will have a new car in 2014’, ‘I am thankful that I will get a promotion at work’ or whatever it is that you want. You can be grateful for big things such as achieving your degree to smaller things such as having socks to keep your feet nice and warm.

Sometimes we have idea what great things we have until we meet those that are worse off than us so we must practice gratitude, praise and thanksgiving everyday. Once I heard a story about a man that said that used to complain about his shoes until he met a man with no feet.

2) Trust:
If you are full of worry and anxiety it will be impossible for you to enjoy your life! It will also be impossible for you to be positive about your life because worry and anxiety only causes misery, stress and nothing else. Instead of worrying and being anxious; practice telling yourself that all will be well soon and trust that will work out well in the end. It may not seem like good things are around the corner and perhaps you have been waiting for years but just know that trust is essential. Allow yourself to be in total trust, knowing that God is fully in control and He loves and cares about you. ‘Give all of your worries and cares to God for He cares about you’
1: Peter: 5-7

3) Be Calm:
Being calm, cool and collected is a great way to become in positive in all areas of your life. If you are busy fighting every battle, stressing yourself out unnecessarily and causing trouble then it will be completely difficult for you to attract the good life that want because you are clearly doing things that fall into the category of negativity. So make a change today. Practice being calm in all situations starting from today!

Thanks a bunch for reading….pls leave me a comment below and let me know what you do to stay positive through troublesome times.

Many blessing

Love from Queen Chioma
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4 Qualities to Develop to be a Successful Female Entrepreneur

‘Outrageous success comes from thinking different, being different and having the confidence to always do what feels right in your heart’ – Marie Forleo

If you are reading this then chances are you are a female entrepreneur or perhaps you have dreams of becoming a female entrepreneur one day! if so congratulations, it is a great thing to challenge yourself to start or grow a successful business.

Through my experience of being a female entrepreneur I can honestly say that you will need to develop particular skills, qualities and characteristics to help you to be as successful as possible. Below I have listed 5 qualities that I would like to highlight:

shutterstock_1060369011) Be Disciplined:
It is important that you are disciplined if you want to be a female entrepreneur.
You will have to discipline yourself to:
– Do the work
– Stay motivated
– Be professional
– Be organised
– Be attendanable
– Manage money effectively
and the list goes on! You will have days  when you will feel like doing nothing or days when you will feel like just giving up but you will have to be disciplined to not give up but to push through to achieve success.

2) Be Focused:
It is easy to get distracted when you are trying to work on projects and tasks but at the end of the day you must ask yourself this question ‘How bad do I want to achieve my dreams?’ also ask yourself if it is truly important to watch TV for 5 hours or is it better to invest a good portion of your time working effectively on tasks that will lead to more money, more sales, new clients and success? Now don’t get me wrong…it is good to enjoy yourself and watch TV now and then, it is also healthy to take breaks throughout the day. But realise that being focused is the only way that you can achieve your goals so apply discipline during your working hours.

3) Excellent Customer Service:
It’s essential that you have excellent people skills and excellent customer service to run your business effectively!
Your business will require that you will interact with people so it is vital that you learn how to deal with people. Some clients and staff will be amazing, lovely and loveable this will make it easy to be nice to them and to give them a great service, but you will also come across some clients and customers who will be difficult and this will make you want to give them a poor service BUT it is important that you remain calm, professional and reasonable in your conduct with them.

I love this scripture in the bible that saysIf you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that. 48 But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect’. Matthew: 5: 46-48 NLT

This reminds us that no matter how people are we should still show love and good character and not allow things to get us down but still act with integrity and good etiquette. The scripture teaches us to love the unlovable. This does not mean that we will not have to take action if necessary but it means that we shouldn’t retaliate with irrational behaviour or anger.

4) Courage:
I encourage you to be courageous while working on your BIG vision of achieving your business dreams, goals and tasks!
There will be days where no one will believe in you and people will laugh at you and tell you to get a ‘REAL JOB’ but it is in those tough times that you must be courageous! Be courageous to follow your heart, be courageous to follow your dreams. be courageous to step outside of your comfort zone and be courageous to do amazing things. If you want to host your own seminar or conference or launch a new product GO FOR IT!! Make it happen, you can do it, it will take time, effort, planning and confidence but you can do it so give it a go!

There are more qualities that I would love to share with you…but it will take me another 5 hours to run through them!

Please leave a comment below and share any other qualities that you feel a female entrepreneur must have.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading!

Love from Queen xx

3 reasons why you are not making enough money in your business

If you aren’t making enough money in your business and if you are struggling to find new clients, I have listed key reasons why this might be happening:

1) You are not marketing enough:
Marketing is key for your business, this can be done online, at live events, on the streets, through phone, videos or emails. Be creative and look for ways to market your business

2) You have no vision of success:
What you see (in your mind) is often what you get, if you visualise yourself making more money in your business then you are likely to make more money. You have to imagine it, dream it, write down exactly how much you want to make and write out what you will do with the money when you get it

3) You doubt your full potential
Doubt is a great thief, it robs you of your business success, it limits and cripples you and makes you loose confidence in what you can achieve. You have you believe that wealth and abundance is coming your way, believe that new clients are searching for you right now.

These are just a few reasons as to why you might not be making enough money in your business.

There might be other reasons. Most of the time, if you are doing everything right and more it is often just to do with a matter of time, hard work pays off…it might not happen overnight but when it does happen your joy will be immense, you will jump for joy and jump with sheer excitement.

You can make more money in your business, set a goal and make it happen! Do all it takes and me to be successful in business.

Good luck

21 Ideas to implement for business growth

Are you stuck for ideas for things to do in your business for growth, expansion and success?
Do you want quick, simple ideas that will lead to big leads, new clients and sales?

If you are keen to explore creative ideas that will shake up your business then read my top tips below.

1) Revamp your website
2) Order new merchandise
3) Hire a virtual assistant
4) Ask for testimonials from existing clients, raving fans and family
5) Arrange a nice trip for your team
6) Make awesome appearances at exclusive events
7) Mastermind with serial entrepreneurs that are going places
8) De-clutter, get rid of junk!
9) Write a list of 40 positive affirmations and say them out loud
(morning and night of each day)
10) Read amazing books and listen to uplifting audio programmes
11) Hire a professional photographer
12) Purchase tickets to attend seminars, conferences and exhibitions related to your business
13) Create an online Facebook or Twitter contest
14) Post thank you notes to your current and former clients
15) Brainstorm ideas on how you can promote your business
16) Systematise your business
17) Hire a coach
18) Set amazing goals and challenges
19) Join an E-course
20) Create fascinating videos to build your audience and clients
21) Give away great freebies

Now that you have these brilliant ideas, choose three from the list and start implementing them from today onwards for great success.

Leave me a comment below and share any other ideas that you have.

Good luck

Queen Chioma

8 Ways to Build Yourself up and Love Yourself More!

Let’s face it – it can be tough some days! Whoever said it would be easy was just lying to you and to me!

We have days where everything is going perfect and then some not so good days!

quote by queen chiomaJanuary is one of those months of planning and setting the tone for the New Year. It can seem quite bland at times as you may not notice much going on! You might start to wonder if you will really achieve your dreams or were you just imagining it. You can do it! You will do great things this year! You just have to believe.

Spend this month building yourself up with LOVING thoughts and words and planning your step by step daily, weekly, monthly activities  for a bright 2014.

So the question that I want to ask you right now is ‘How can you love yourself more?’

Here are some tips/tricks/things that you can do on a daily basis to build yourself up which will lead to happiness, progress and success:

1) Receive God’s love for you: 
No that no matter what you are going through and no matter how quiet or stressful things are God is actually madly in love with you and He is in control. It may look like all of your hard work is going nowhere and that your efforts will never succeed but it is not true. Something amazing is around the corner, simply hold on to your faith 🙂

2) Decide to love yourself: 
Loving yourself is a decision that you and you alone have to make. Decide to love yourself, choose to build yourself up by making a solid commitment to be kind and loving to yourself. Even if you have weaknesses and even if you don’t always achieve your aims.

3) Become your own best friend:
Have you ever thought about how you treat yourself? Have you ever written down the thoughts that you have about yourself? Are they positive and edifying or are the negativing and destructive? I used to think negative…not about others but about me and one day God gave me a revelation and I decided to build myself up with positive affirmations. Become your best friend that encourages and supports yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company! Spend time finding out what you love and like and do more of those fun things.

4) Write love letters to yourself:
I challenge you to write yourself a letter and post it to yourself. Do this once a week for the next month and you will be surprised at how edified you will feel. The more you love yourself the more you will shine in your life, business and you will have better relationships with others.

5) Put positive reminders on your phone:
Put messages on your phone that pop as reminders i.e. I love myself, I am beautiful, I am courageous and strong. This is one of the best ways to remind yourself to think good things about yourself. This will truly build your confidence.

6) Reflect on your former achievements:
Look back at the great things that you have achieved in your life. Also include the small things that you have achieved to your list.

7) Hug yourself:
Give yourself a hug now and then! Also give yourself a pat on the back when you do something good i.e. after you give a presentation. You might not always have someone there to cuddle you or to pat you on the back so make sure you do this to yourself to appreciate yourself.

8) Confess good things about yourself: 
Make positive affirmations. This can be one of the greatest ways to build a healthy self-esteem and a great self-image. There is no way that you can possible achieve great things in life if you are negative and downcast. You have to speak good things out of your mouth over your life, over your business, you  have to declare good things! Write out a list of all the things you want and say them out loud twice a day first thing in the morning when you wake up and just before you go to bed at night. This will make you feel optimistic and more positive about life.

I want to leave you with this powerful quote:
‘Success is something that you attract by the person you become’
– Jim Rohn

Do you have any suggestions on how you can love yourself more?
Please share them below! Leave me a comment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many blessings

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons)

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7 Awesome Tools, Apps& Websites that I use to run my Business

Running a business is never easy!

It requires a lot of hard work, sheer determination, effort and commitment.

You will need to consider using tools, apps and websites which can help you to:
– Advertise your services
– Promote your products
– Interact with your audience
– Promote yourself
– Demonstrate creativity
– Give your audience a place to interact

Over the years I have used sooooo many tools, apps and websites and have fallen in LOVE with some new ones too. There are at least 21 that I use on a weekly basis.

Here are 7 of them below:

awesome tools that I use for my website1) Drop Box:
Dropbox is like a hard drive, an online cloud that you can access where ever you go. I only started using drop box a few months ago. This is a great avenue for recieving large files i.e. videos and high resolution pictures. This has been a great way for me to recieve footage that I can download and upload to youtube or to my website. It is great for sharing files  Dropbox is free, thet give you 2GB but you can also upgrade it to get more bandwidth.

2) Evernote:
You can download this app on your iPad or Mac Book (in the app store). Evernote is like a note book app that allows you to  gather all of your ideas and notes. I use this to jot down things that come to my mind whether that be ideas or information. I also use it to download PDF’s and e-Books that I purchase. It can also be used as a great tool for recording your ideas or notes as a audio playback file. If you are anything like me you love making positive affirmations. I sometimes record myself saying good things and listen back to it. You can access your Evernote files anywhere you go, it is cloud like dropbox. It is free (upto 2GB).

3) Constant Contact:
This is website that allows you to implement effective email marketing and gives you a platform to build your list. This has helped me to create fantastic newsletters for UK’sDazzlingBeauty, I call my newsletters the ‘Pink Fabulous Newletter’ and it looks exactly like my website (constantcontact can do this for you for free if you convert from the free trial to a payment plan). This tool keeps me HIGHLY connected to my audience.  You can customise your templates to send emails that match your brand. You can also create invitations and surveys. You can also track your emails and see the results after each campaign, you can track how many people read your emails and how many times they have clicked on links. I truly love this website/tool and recommend it.
Constant contact gives you a free trial for 60 days.

4) Adobe Audition:
I absoultely love this professional voice recording and voice editing software. You can download it from Adobe cloud or purchase the software directly online or at a digital store. Audobe audition allows you to create amazing audio recordings. This can be great for creating footage for your podcast show or radio show. You can also add sound effects such as echo, reverb and noise reduction for higher quality audio recordings. This is a software that I really want to get familiar with over the next few months and use it to the FULL as it is so valuable. You can download a free trial for 30 days.

5) PicMonkey.com:
I love this website. It is great for you if you are not too familiar with photoshop but want to touch up images, add text and if you are keen to make some creative, fun infographics. Recently I have started creating infographics and quotes using picmonkey and I find it very useful for my business. I can share inspiring messages and lists using different texts, colours, special effects and backgrounds to draw my target audience to my business. (see the image above, I created it using picmonkey) If you to show the creative fun side to your business start playing around with this tool today! You can use this website for free. Or upgrade to  for as little as $2 a month.

6) Camtasia:
I came across this professional editing software (for PC) not long ago and I have started experiementing with it and have fallen in love with it already! I can already see it’s true value. This software It is mainly known as a tool that allows you to record your screen. It is just awesome. You can create powerpoint presentationsusing your PC, then hit the record button on camtasia and record your screen and voice at the same time, then edit the footage and upload it to your website or YouTube. This tool is extremely useful for creating online courses and tutorials which can increase your profits and sales.

7) BlogTalkradio:
I love this website. It allows you to create your own online radio show
. My online radio show is called QueenChiomaShow and it has had over 22,000 listens and over 16,000 downloads. This has been a great way for me to teach, motivate and inspire my fans, audience and clients. You connect to the show using skype or telephone. It has such a professional look and feel, there is a real online studio where you can host your show. You can also allow guests to come onto your show. I have interviewed two people at the same time. You can interview many more! Random guests can also call into the show and you have the option to accept the call or not! Blogtalkradio has been a great way for me to promote myself, my motivational messages, services, social media platforms, music, events and my business. You cand start with a 30 day free trial, then you can upgrade to premium services (they have a few that you can choose).

If you want to expand your audience, sales and profits in 2014 then make sure you check out these apps.

Of course they’re are so many more apps, tools and websites that I use to run my business and to promote my events, music etc.
I will be here all night if I listed them all…if you need any advice, tips or training on how to use these apps for your business then hit me up (simply leave me a comment or connect with me on facebook, twitter, instagram or visit my website
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1) Before you go….I would love for you to leave me a comment below, let me know what apps/tools or websites do you use to promote your business?
2) Choose one of these from above and get using it asap! Start using one of these tools from this week onwards to grow your business (you will love it so much and end up thanking me 😉

I look forward to hearing from you. STAY BLESSED and BE CREATIVE!!

Many blessings

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons)

Happy 2014 – 4 Ways to Set Amazing Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014! I hope that you are having a wonderful start to 2014 so far. I hope you are all feeling refreshed, nourished and ready to do greater things this year than ever before!

1) Visualise your dreams:
One of the best ways for you to set amazing goals for 2014 is to get what you want on paper! Write down a list of all the things that you would like to achieve in 2014. Then find amazing images that reflect each image. It is important that you spend time visualising what you want to see happen in your life, if you can’t see it (in your heart) it is likely that you won’t be able to have it! Start gathering several inspirational images from magazines, on the internet and print out words and sentences to back up each image. You can place all of your words and dreams onto a vision board, in your journal or dream book.

Example: Cut out a picture of Mexico, paste this on your vision board, write next to it ‘I am travelling to Mexico in July 2014’. Some say that you should write it as it has already happened i.e. ‘I travelled to Mexico July 2014’. I think it is better to say that you will go there, just because it is like ‘calling those things that be not as if they already were’ (Romans 4: 19) I think it is more natural too. However go with the way that feels best for you.

2) Be Inspired: 
One of the ways to gain the motivation that you need to set amazing goals and dreams in 2014 is to gain inspiration! Find positive role models that resonate with you. People that you dream to be like, people that make you believe that all things are possible. Leaders that believe in you, people that show you love, encouragement and support and learn from them. Some amazing people that I am inspired by are: TerriSavelleFoyCarrieGreen (Female Entrepreneur Association),
FabienneFredricksonAnnaSaccone , PatriciaBrightBrianTracy to name a few! I enjoy watching videos from these inspiring people for different reason.

3) Be Prayerful:
I know that not everyone reading this is a believer but prayer can be an amazing way to really start the New Year! Praying to God is a great way to find peace, gather your thoughts and find answers.  A great scripture in the bible that I really love is ‘Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. Philippians: 4:6Sometimes we think we have all the ideas and answers but by spending time in the presence of God He can actually reveal more about our future than we can ever possibly imagine. He can guide us on that right path that leads to life, light and happiness.

4) Mastermind with the right people:
One of my goals for 2014 is to mastermind with amazing people that have set big goals and those that are completely determined to achieve success. One of my aspirations is to start having monthly meetings with entrepreneurs and inspirational figures that are determined to achieve great things. By masterminding with great people this will not only allow you to meet like-minded people but it will also keep you encouraged to know that all things are possible and it will help you to stop playing small in your life. If you have amazing goals, dreams, talents and aspirations that you TOTALLY want to achieve in 2014, then I encourage you to join a mastermind group this year. Or even create your own one, you could start with 3-5 people that you meet with once a month and discuss success, books that you are reading and all things motivational!

I wish you success, prosperity, good health and greatness! Just know that you can do it. You can do great things in 2014.

Choose one of these areas and run with it! Make a plan of how you can start implementing one of these key areas today.

Queen Chioma is an International Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, TV Presenter and a Entrepreneur. She is on a mission to 481363_10152651476215347_1251801842_n1help thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve greatness in 2014 especially in the area of breaking into the media. She is also keen to share how she grew her business by giving effective marketing strategies, success tips and advice on business growth. If you are interested in working with her do not hesitate to contact her. Visit her website, connect with her on facebook, follow her on twitter and instagram.