5 Fabulous Steps on How to Win Your Next Beauty Pageant

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Have you ever wondered what you should do to win a Beauty Pageant?
Are you placing high or not as high as you would expect?
Do you dream of hearing your name called out as the overall winner of a local or national pageant?
Do you visualise yourself as being Queen?
Are you truly willing to do all that it takes to win your next big crown in 2014?

If your answer is yes to at least one of these questions then keep reading as I will be sharing
5 Fabulous Steps for Winning a Beauty Pageant and I believe that you will start seeing amazing results within days, weeks and months of applying these strategies:

1) Know what pageant you want to enter and why?
It is vital that you discover the types of pageants that you will like to enter for 2014 it is important that you ask yourself these questions:
What type of Beauty Pageant do you feel is right for you?
What are your values?
Do you feel comfortable to wear a swimsuit or prefer a pageant that has no swimwear round?
What are my dreams, goals and aspirations?
Really pin point why you want to compete, is it just because you want a big collection of sashes and crowns, is it to look popular, is to to be a role model in society. Make sure you have a good reason to increase your chances of actually breaking into the pageant world.

2) Do Research:
Spend time truly and utterly researching different types of pageants in the UK and abroad, compare and contract, discover the strengths and weaknesses and write a list of the top 3 that you would like to enter in 2014 and check out their terms and conditions and criteria and see if you are a perfect match for their pageant.  Find out as much as you can about the pageant i.e. what charity they are raising money for, what makes them different from most pageants, what are their vaules, what is there system like?

3) Master the Application Process:
This is where you need to really need to present yourself in the best way possible in your application form and in your CV! Pageant Directors really are looking for work with people that are going to be as smooth as butter, girls that are charitable, loyal, sweet, precious, mature and virtious so make sure you are really serious about being a Beauty Queen as it is not always fun and smiles, it involves hard work, consistency, dedication, commitment and strength. You will need to sell yourself in your application form and really visualise yourself getting to the end, it is pointless to waste time in applying if you are only half hearted or only in it to win it.

4) Be Fabulous and Glamorous:
Everyone loves attractive people, they stand out from a mile, they look amazing, the shine! When you look good and present yourself in your most fabulous and glamorous state you draw great opportunities to you, this can include good relationships, a handsome boyfriend, good friends, great career opportunities, fans, honour, recognition, modelling opportunities and so much more! and so much more! You can increase your fabulousity by wearing fake lashes (but make it look natural), wear make up, get your nails done. You can even look fabulous at the gym by simply wearing something like pink and black jogging bottoms and a pink top rather an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt with holes in them.

5) Dress to Impress:
How you look is important as a Beauty Queen and in life full stop! when you compete in a pageant not only are you representing yourself, you are also representing the brand (the pageant system that you are in) and as much as we would like to think that outer beauty isn’t important (only inner beauty) this simply isn’t true. Both are important! Joyce Meyer wrote a book called ‘Look Great and Feel Great’ and discusses the importance of looking great as it causes us to feel great. So yes let’s adorn our inner beauty with qualities of love, gentleness, patiemce, charisma, elegance, confidence and so on but also think of being the best version of you on the outside too! Dress to impress even if you are wearing something causal, let it be a lovely causal outfit! You don’t always have to be in high heels to look great.¬†Katie Price wears causal clothes often when she isn’t working and she looks great!

If you start applying these principles you will increase your levels of confidence and charisma which will then increase your chance of winning your next pageant! There are sooo many more tips that I can give you, you can get them by purchasing my e-book ’21 Fabulous Steps for winning a Beauty Pageant’

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