The UK’s Dazzling Beauty Grand Final – One word ….Fabulous (Pictures and Video)

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your week so far! Just wanted to post a few images from my fabulous and glamorous Beauty Pageant UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2013.
I totally LOVED the grand final, this was held at Holiday Inn Brighton Sea Front on the 17th of November. I organised this event and it was a pleasure to organise and host.

It was also a very full on day…we started off with rehearsals then went straight into 5 rounds which were the opening number, the pink fabulous round, the united kingdom wear round, talent round then the evening wear round! Check out the amazing images below.

This is a fabulous picture of England’s Dazzling Beauty and I Rosaleen

563730_10153493527525475_1298512915_nAnother beautiful image of us

Picture of the girls and I – the pink fabulous round
Photo by Hutchings (C) 2013


Another picture of my wonderful girls and I – Pink Fabulous Round
Photo by Tonte Bo Douglas (C) 2013


The United Kingdom wear Round – a few of the girls and I, they are rocking their GB outfits…bearing the cold for a quick outdoor picture
Photo by Hutchings (C) 2013


Another GB Picture that I love 🙂
Photo by Hutchings (C) 2013


My new winner of UK’s Dazzling Beauty Senior and I at the Grand Final 🙂 Her name is Katherine Harris and she also won many awards which included the Miss Charity Award and Miss Publicity award
Photo by Hutchings (C) 2013


Picture of our Teen winner Lauren Hutchings and I
Photo by Hutchings (C) 2013


A wonderful picture of our former winner Louise Toms, our new UK’s Dazzling Beauty winner Katherine
Beverley Roberts our Female Judge of Honour and I at the grand final….a very wonderful moment!


Picture of me Hosting at the Grand Final – Photo by Tonte Bo Douglas (C) 2013


A lovely picture of the judges and I, Louise UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2012/13, Hayleigh UK’s DazzlingBeauty 2012/13
Beverley Ms United Kingdom – Photo by Hutchings (C) 2013


Check out a snippet video, a 2mins clip from the Grand Final
Pink Fabulous Round, watch it below:

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Love from Queen xx

Watch me on ITV2, Dinner Date This morning (8.40am on sky 118) &3 Reasons why I went on the Show

Happy Friday Amazing People!

DinnerDateJust when I thought that my life was quiet, I got a host of texts and messages to prove that it is getting a bit busy again for me in the media world!

Just in case you did not know! I have had over 150 TV appearances which include ITV, MTV, Faith TV, Latin TV, Ben TV, BBC 1 and so on…and it all started with applying, auditioning, going for castings and going for opportunities as they came up!

One of my TV appearances include Dinner Date ITV,
I filmed with ITV last year and they played it over and over at the time, I
was spotted everywhere I went! This was in July 2012.

And guess what…now they repeated my episode yesterday and guess what….they are repeating my episode again this morning on ITV2 at 8.40am.

How exciting! I can’t wait to watch it again. It is actually going to be available for repeats on ITV iplayer for 28 more days….so watch it to see a more light hearted fun side of me!

If you do not get to watch it on TV, you can re-watch it on ITV player on the link below or download ITV player on iPad:
Episode 12, series 2 (with Wayne in the description box)

Why I decided to go on Dinner Date, I went on the show for 4 main reasons:

1) It was a good opportunity to be on ITV: I was actively looking for TV opportunites at the time so when this came up I didn’t want to let it pass me by. Let’s face it, not everyone gets to go on ITV. This is Great Britain’s leading TV channel so when I applied and got onto the show I thought wow! Why waste it, I was a little unsure thinking I am not sure whether this is the right move but I knew that it was just meant to be a great learning experience.

2) To have Fun: Life can be so serious that once in a while we need to do something exciting and fun, not just the same old boring serious things. So I felt that by going on a show like Dinner date I could actually perhaps meet someone knew and actually have the chance to step out of my comfort zone for a change. Something that most people wouldn’t do.

3) Try out something different:
As mentioned we get so stuck doing the same old thing in life and expecting a different result. Going on Dinner date was a great way for me to potentially meet someone new, but at the same time an opportunity to further my profile in the media. I can only reach a bigger audience and inspire people by getting myself out there in a much bigger way.

So my advice to you…if you want to be on TV is to go for it! Don’t listen to what others say as they will always try to put you down or discourage you! make your dreams a living reality and if that means going on Dinner date or a Political show then go for it.

So tune in and let me know your thoughts!
Remember to watch it ITV 2 Sky 118.
Many blessings.
Queen Chioma Nworgu
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