5 Glamorous Moments

In my life I have been blessed to have some glamorous moments and there have been many but I would like to highlight 5 today.

Here they are:

1) This 1st picture is taken at my 2nd live pageant event that I organised for UK’s Dazzling Beauty (South East London’s Dazzling Beauty in 2012). We ended up meeting so many of the Queen’s Soldiers at this event.
They were doing their rehearsals for the Queen so I got to have a picture with them! I was still reigning as Miss Charity Europe 2012, It was also glamorous as I was surrounded by my amazing Beauty Queen friends.


 2) Been pampered before appearing on the Sporah Show 2012. I was invited to be a guest on Sporah Show and her wonderful awarding winning make up artist did my make up. She was so lovely. This was certainly a glamorous moment, feeling pampered and appearing on Sporah Show. The set was just fabulous.


3) The picture below is a picture of me on a photo shoot which I did enjoy a lot! The concept was modelling products and parts modelling, which is why I was with a bowl of fruits.
This photo was taken by Evon Productions (C) 2011Queen Chioma Parts Modelling - 13 june 2011 (42) - Copy
4) Another glamorous moment is displayed in the picture below…this was in 2010 when I competed for the crown and title of Miss West Sussex for Miss Great Britain.
I placed as 2nd Runner up…I totally loved the dress that I wore and felt really fabulous and pretty in pink! Got a big bunch of flowers and a goodie bag from BeauBronz London

queen 2nd runner up for Miss West Sussex GB 2010

5) Last but not least….I do love this picture, taken by Paul Carroll (c) 2011, this picture of me was taken at the Disney Party
in Folkstone Kent, before we headed off to Disney Land, I just received my new crown and Miss Charity UK
Face of Europe sash! The Disney outfit that I dressed up in was Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.


Thanks for checking out my blog!

Love you all and see you all soon!

Queen Chioma Nworgu, MA, BA (hons)
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