3 Ways to get Media Recognition for your Business

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I was thinking about Media and Press Recognition today and tweeted out some tips on how to get media recognition based on my own experience of helping my clients to get press and TV coverage and also due to having many TV, magazine and newspaper features myself. Then I thought I would quickly do a blog post on this topic as it crossed my mind that many businesses want publicity! There are tons of entrepreneurs that dream of being on TV, being featured in magazines, being featured in newspapers. I have been literally fortunate to attract a lot of media attention over the years and I am not even famous.

I am also excited about the fact that recently my business has racked up over 28 press releases in just over a year since we set up the business in 2012, this means that my Beauty Pageant ‘UK’s Dazzling Beauty’ must be standing out so much that the Media are happy to feature my contestants and myself! we have managed to featured in many newspapers, magazines and also been on TV many times too….not to mention tons of appearances and meeting celebrities and footballers.

So how do you get Media Recognition exactly? Read below to discover how I have managed to get my business in the media.

1) Believe that you are Famous:
You have to visualise yourself as a Star, you have to believe that you are famous, you have to believe that you can attract the Media and that the Media are interested in you.  Think of your business as a Success, see your business as a business that can attract fame, recognition and admiration. If you can see this you will naturally attract good media recognition.
All of my life I have bumped into celebrities, chatted with them or taken pictures with celebrities. This is a common thing for me. I believe it’s a sign.

I have met so many celebrities at least 25 and it happens everywhere in my old work places, at events that I attend, even on flights that I go on. I have met sooo many dignitaries too including Governors, Politicians, Influential people etc.

Deep down it is because I am giving off something that says ‘celebrity in the making’, ‘Inspirational woman’ and that is why I keep meeting Stars. This does not mean that I walk around thinking I am better than everyone….no, not at all. But if you want your business to be famous or if you want to be recognised in the media then you need to change the way you ‘think’.

2) Spend time with Influential and Inspirational people:
You probably know some amazing people that are already getting media recognition, it’s your job to associate yourself with them. The more you hang out with influential people the greater chance you will have of thinking and acting like them. You will be inspired. Some of my friends appear on BBC, they travel world wide, they speak at conferences so it’s no wonder that I regularly appear on TV, speak at conferences and travel to different cities and countries on a regular basis. I have my inspirational friends as role models to push me forwards. Get around the right people. This can mean networking with them, this could mean tweeting at them, watching videos of key influential people, or simply arranging meetings to meet with these key figure. If you are seen with the right people the media will want to know you too.

3) Make Appearances at Events: 
Take yourself and your business out there and you will attract greater success in the media world.  Attend events such as seminars, exhibitions, networking events, fairs, conferences. Attend events where they have backdrops, photographers, powerful people and videographers. This is what I spent a lot of my time doing and this gave my Business the look of ‘fame’, ‘success’, ‘growth’ and ‘power’. It is important to upload the pictures of you at such events. Create an album after each event that you attend. Ensure that you take a picture on a backdrop and take pictures with some key business people. They will lift your business.

These three tips will dramatically fast forward your ability to attract media recognition.

Start with doing these three things and you will begin to meet the right people such as those that work in the media, those that can get you press releases and so much more!

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Until next time my friend….stay blessed 🙂

Many blessings

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons)

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