Back from Presenting a Paper at Sunny Bulgaria Plovidiv – XI Bulgarian Comparative Education Societies International Conference

Good morning everyone Happy New Month!

As many of you know I attended the XI Bulgarian Comparative Education Societies International Conference in Bulgaria. I arrived at Sofia on the 13th of May 2013 and we stayed there for one night and the next day we met with the team and all other professors, doctors and PhD students, we travelled by coach to Plovdiv. The Conference was based on the theme of Globalisation and Education. We were welcomed with amazing performers that sang and played for us, Bulgarian songs. The weather was utterly beautiful, it was so windy in Sofia  that we wondered if there would be any sun in Plovdiv but it was the total opposite. It was baking and full of sunshine and warmth. One word amazing.. So I decided to call Bulgaria Sunny Bulgaria as it is just so amazing.

I presented a joint paper on the topic of ‘Youth Crime and Education’  this paper looked at the causes for youth crime in Males, it looked at the social, global causes. We looked at area of how Youths can overcome Challenges. Our research findings derived from Focus Group discussions, Interviews and Questions. We used mixed methods to gain vital reasons as to what can be done to conquer crime.

Here are a few images from the Conference! Add me on facebook to see the rest of the images











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