5 Steps on How to be a Successful Business Woman (Article and Video)

Hello Wonderful Readers,

I created a new article and video titled ‘5 Steps on How to be a Successful Business woman’. Check out the tips below or scroll down to watch the video. Hope you enjoy this blog post!

1) Create a clear vision:
To be a successful business woman you need to have a clear vision, clear goals, a clear dream and a clear plan on what you want to achieve. Start by writing down your vision, write a list of everything you would like to achieve in your business within the next 12 months. Then write down all the steps that you will need to take to make your 1 year vision a living reality. Then progress to more business orientated tasks. I want you to create every  template and all of the relevant forms that you need for your business to work. This can include things like your 5 year business plan, terms and conditions, aims and objectives, income and expenditure, contracts for staff, contracts for clients, policies, code and conduct, information packs, and application forms. Make sure that you print all of these documents out and package them into a folder. This will make you feel as if you are a real business woman and you will appreciate and value your business and work all the more. Working on your business in this way will help you to see the vision of where you want your business to go. Everything in your business should be clear, concise and well laid out.

I remember working for a company that had high organisation and order in place. They had so many templates ready. If I ever needed a form for assessments I could simply photo copy them straight away. They also sent me a big pack of all there policies to take home on my 1st day of work, I admired that company and they have two branches and set to open one other. Whereas on the other hand I remember working for another company (similar business) but they were so unorganised, they never had all of the documents and policies in folders, they were all over the place and it was a big mess. This company wasn’t too successful. Organisation is key for business.

2) Be Professional:
Make your mind up to have a very professional business. This means that you do everything to a high standard. You show up when you say you are going to show up and you treat your clients and staff with respect and common courtesy. This also means that you will need to have what most professional businesses have i.e. a website that is presentable, clear and concise you will also need a professional business e-mail, marketing tools and make your customers aware of your policies, terms and conditions by sending them out contracts and vital information before you do business with clients.

3) Be Excellent:
Make it your job to have a wonderful business that everyone admires. This does not mean that your business will be perfect but it does mean that it stands out as one of the best. Shine as a Business man or woman; take pride in your business. One of the ways that you can do this is to work with passion and creativity. Use interesting colours that can give your business a vibrant look, have a logo that catches the eye and stay as positive as possible and treat people right so that you can build a positive, healthy reputation. Also take Surveys to find interesting ways of how you can improve your services which will lead to more sales and repeat customers. Take pride in your business and above all have integrity. Be a woman of excellence and this will boost your sales and keep customers coming back.

4) Develop excellent customer service:
The best businesses know how to make their customers feel good and uplifted. Let’s face it, the world is full of people that want to spend money it’s just that they select who they want to give their money to. So the question you want to ask is what will make people want to buy from you? What makes your business so special that people will like to part with their money and hand it over to you? I can assure you that no one will want to buy from you if you are rude, cocky, unprofessional or unreliable. Bad customer service kills sales quicker than anything else. So make sure you add value to your customers lives. Create rewards and incentives, bonus schemes and discounts for staff. Look after your staff and customers and in turn your business will be more successful. If you are unsure of how to give good customer service consider some of the best stores that you love to shop at. Ask yourself how do they treat there staff and what makes you love these brands. Lets take Selfridges. I used to love working there as the atmosphere was so high fashion, so positive, so vibrant and so friendly. Whereas some companies that I have come across haven’t really made the effort to implement good customer service and these businesses usually do not last very long.

5) Be Feminine:
Use your femininity to attract more business and sales. This means dressing to impress. Be feminine but not unprofessional. Look for ways to dress fabulously without looking inappropriate. You can do this by wearing nice suits, wearing classy boots and shoes, wearing colours that make your stand out more such as green, orange purple, pink, blue, black with white (i.e. stripy tops). Don’t be afraid to use your feminity in business but use it for you and not against you. Carry yourself like a lady. Use your best lady like qualities such as Confidence, Classiness, Authenticity, Fabulousity, Inner Beauty, Outer beauty, elegance and grace. By being a lady you can still be firm and assertive but stay away from manly behaviour. Do not treat staff and customers like dogs dinner just to show how tough you are because it is nothing other than unattractive and women should be appealing not behaving ugly. Wear make up, light perfume and accessorize but do not over-do it. Don’t wear too much perfume for interviews or meetings. Dress glamorous for glamorous events and wear professional clothes for professional events. Avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing for corporate meetings.

Check out the video below:

Thanks for watching and let me know your thoughts. Do you have any more tips on what women can do to succeed in business? What are your 5 strategies for success?

I would love to hear from you. Pls leave comments below.

Many blessings

Queen Chioma

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