5 Steps on How to get a 1st Class Degree at University

Hello Everyone,

Hope you managed to watch me on TV last week on the Year of Celebration.
This programme endured some technical problems and so good news it will be repeated again at some point during the early part of this year.

I created a new video for you all and I have received so much positive feedback on this video so far so I thought it would be a great idea to blog this video to you. So here it is below. The video is great for those studying at University or for those studying full stop. Having gone to University for several years I have gained some excellent skills along the way and learned the secrets to success. Not to mention my MA dissertation was based on factors that cause students to be successful in Higher Education so I have been there, lived through it and studied it to the full.

Good luck and hope this video helps you to achieve your academic goals.

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See you all in my next blog!


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