Welcome to the Year of Celebration&My Goals/Dreams for 2013

Welcome to the Year of Celebration!!

I truly believe that I received a word from God at Church on New Years Eve, that this year will be the year of Celebration. I do wish that many of you have had some reasons to celebrate 2013 so far? Perhaps you received a late Christmas Present, went on a short vacation, had family and friends over for the New Year, found out that you are nominated for a Business Award, Have an upcoming Job Interview? I am sure that you have a good list of things by now so start celebrating today so don’t let this year be the same as last year! Decide to maximise your happiness and joy today. Another way that you can really get into the Celebrating mode is to set Bigger Goals and work effectively to achieve them. When you see yourself achieving success you are bound to get into the Celebrating spirit (more on this later).

Here are some of my Goals for 2013:

1) Travel More: I would love to travel more than I did in 2012 buy God’s Grace. My aim is to travel to other cities in the UK that I have not been to before and to some countries that I have not been to before also. So far I have travelled to 20 Cities which includes Birmingham, Manchester, Blackpool, Bristol, Coventry, Leicester City, Sheffield (Yorkshire), Essex and Surrey. Countries include: Nigeria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, USA and France.

So some of the Cities/Countries/States that I would love to go to:

– Newcastle
– Liverpool
– Nigeria (again)
– Malta
– Tunisia
– LA
– Miami
– Atlanta Georgia

I hope that I can go to some of these places this year or any other amazing cities/countries! It doesn’t matter if I do not go to many of them as I can always go next year or the year before but it is nice to have a dream especially if you want your dream to come true 🙂

2) Socialise and more Leisure: I definitely need to go out more and less work and I want my outings to be more exciting and fun. I also want to take my Dazzling Beauties out to amazing events!

This includes Red Carpet Events, Exhibitions, Award Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Parties, Social Gatherings, Days out with friends to fun places like Ice-Skating, Swimming, Dance Classes, Singing Classes and more Recording in the Studio.

I think that the month of Jan is always pretty slow but once Feb comes along life will get busy again and so I look forward to doing more in the near future!

3) Regular Youtube Videos:
I would love to create videos on a weekly basis, no more twice a month or 6 month gaps etc! I really will make a big effort to upload videos on HOT topics and use my gifts of Motivational Speaking, Beauty Expertise and Singing to inspire you and encourage and motivate you. This also includes top tips, reviews and hauls on Beauty and Fashion and strategies for success and achievement.

Check out a couple of my new videos here:

What’s in my Hand Bag? – Subscribe to my Beauty Channel www.youtube.com/glitterbeautyqueen

How to prepare for a Job Interview – Subscribe to my Motivational Channel www.youtube.com/festivesuccesscoach

4) New Official Music Video:

I have already started planning to shoot a new Music Video! This is coming soon for you all. I created Because of You in Summer 2011
so I would love to shoot my next music video that will be exciting and lively. I am so looking forward to filming again soon, should be so much fun 🙂

5) Draw nearer to God:
The best way for us to draw closer to God is to fast and pray and this is something that I want to focus on in 2013. I really want to meditate on the word of God especially in regards to ‘The Love of God’ the more I learn God’s love for me the more that I can give unconditional love to others so this is my aim and something that I will like to work on a lot.

6) Celebrate Life: 
As mentioned I believe that God gave me a word this year that this year is ‘The Year of Celebration’ Amen and how amazing! so let’s start celebrating life and all the things that we will achieve in 2013 and let’s do those things that will make us happy in the long run. Hard work is not always fun, neither is commitment, it can cause pain to discipline ourselves but it is better than having the pain of regret (Joyce Meyer puts it this way – there are two types of pains ‘The Pain of Disciple and the Pain of Regret’ I surely do not want to regret anything in 2013 so I will discipline myself and you do the same too!! My big dream of celebration would be to be awarded with some kind of Educational Award or a Business Award – this is something that I will work on this year, getting myself out there and getting my work noticed to be able to try and win such awards as it would mean a lot to me.

7) Publishing my book:
Last year I was so busy with working on my business that I forgot my deepest dream of all to become an author. Now don’t get me wrong, I have been a contributing author in Academic Books so my work has been published into books before which is amazing. However I would love the day that I become an author with just my name on the book. So this is something that I MUST achieve this year and all of heaven will back me up on in Jesus name. I believe that when I publish the 1st book it will be the beginning of publishing many books.

So there you go! These are 7 of my goals for 2013. What are your 7 Goals? Share them below this blog or tweet me on twitter or Facebook me as I would be more than interested to know! 🙂

Looking forward to blogging more and will promise to keep you all updated with what I get up to 10 times more than ever before with lots of new pictures and videos this year. So get excited in advance and start to celebrate life!

Many blessings

Queen xxxx

Happy New Year! Top Achievements of 2012 VS goals and dreams for 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

192419_481388378567509_504694100_oWow it has been a long time. I have been so busy with UK’s Dazzling Beauty that I have literally forgotten the importance of keeping my fans and supporters happy with lots of updates on what is going on in the world of Queen Chioma. So I sincerely apologise to all those that have missed me lol 🙂 I have decided that I will blog as much as possible. My aim is to blog daily but I am not sure if that is realistic so let’s just say that I will blog weekly.

My Top 12 Achievements/Celebrity Moments of 2012 were

1) Meeting Paloma Faith at my Sisters Wedding
2) Going to Nigeria and speaking to approximately 9,000 youths at the Generation Yes Youth Empowerment Seminar over 3 days.
3) Speaking at the House of Parliament in front of Lords, MPs, Academics and Officials
4) Performing at WestHam Stadium at the University of East London Sports Awards
5)  Meeting Katie Price and being photographed with her by the Pappazi at the
Professional Beauty Show in Excel, London.
6) Setting up the Fastest Growing UK Beauty Pageant – UK’s Dazzling Beauty Ltd and travelling across the UK doing live and photo heats and our Grand final was held in Brighton at Holiday Inn Sea Front.
7) Performing for the Governor of Nigeria Riverstate, in London (for the third time)
8) Interview on the Sporah TV Show
9) Opening Stardust Boutique at Swansea Wales
10) Opening my Mothers Restaurant – Lizzy Cozy African Restaurant in Swansea Wales.
11) Speaking at the Bulgarian Comparative Education Conference in Bulgaria
12) Being on the same flight as Tulisa from X-factor when travelling to Bulgaria (I was too shy to speak to her when she was collecting her luggage. I should have asked for a picture, it was my moment, she was standing in front of me but my mouth never opened lol).

A few Pictures below:















Queen on Sporah TV Show

Hope you enjoyed the Highlights of my 2012….my next Blog is on my goals for 2013 – The Year of Celebration.

Many blessings.

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