Queen opens Stardust Boutique at Swansea Wales

Hey Everyone,

Finally able to update my blog!! Been so busy, busy these weeks with so many appearances and events. I have been to Sheffield, then Swansea and Cardiff in Wales and all over London!! It’s been exciting!!

As many of you know I am Miss Stardust Boutique 2011-12 and I was invited by Kylie Hearne to open her new shop ‘Star Dust Boutique’ in Swansea Wales which was on the 1st of Feb 2012. What a fabulous way to start the new year by opening a shop!! Awesome!! I was so super excited prior to the shop opening and felt honoured to get this wonderful opportunity. I won the crown and title of Miss Stardust Boutique in August 2011, I was literally up against approximately 30 finalists who had very big titles and amazing dresses on, some of the finalists were from Miss Galaxy, Miss Wales, Miss Universe, Miss Great Britain, Face of Europe. The lady with the most votes would win, at first it seemed impossible for me to win but as God would have it I racked up a total of 562 votes which was a massive victory and 200 votes more than the other contestants. I still can’t thank you wonderful fans of mine enough for helping me to win this title, I am grateful for all of your votes and support and because of you I was able to open the shop.

At the Boutique launch I also had the opportunity to wear sone of Kylie’s Fabulous dresses and took lots of pictures, I also did some TV Presenting and interviewed some of Kylie’s friends, customers and family to see what they thought of the new boutique and her success. I also organised for the event to be filmed for Lizzy Show. It was shown on Ben TV last week.

I am sure most of you lovelies have seen the pictures on Facebook, I will be added some more pictures today so keep checking my facebook!!

You can watch all this and so much more by clicking on the videos below. See pictures below too!!

I want to wish Kylie Hearne lot’s of success and we pray that her new boutique ‘Stardust Boutique’ will forever be a success in Swansea, Wales.

Check out all the pictures below 🙂

New blogs coming soon!!

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Love from Queen xx


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