Queen Chioma wins Miss Charity Europe 2011& made the final 10 on the live stage for Face of Europe held at Disney Land Paris

Hello everyone,

Thanks for checking out my blog!! Sorry that I haven’t updated it in a while.

As many of you know I have just got back from an amazing adventure on Friday evening. I am extremely happy and still in awe having experienced competing at Disney Land Paris for the title and crown of Face of Europe 2011. I still can not believe that I won a place in the European finals in the first place and to go to Disney Land and have the whole amazing experience was just awesome and so much fun. I made some really lovely friends that I am sure that I will be friends with for a very long, long time. Firstly on the 5th of Dec 2011 we had a Disney Party in Folkstone, Kent and a crowning ceremony – this is where I got my new white sash and my big crown. I was super happy. I wore a blue prom dress and blue satin long gloves, I came as Princess Tiana from The Princess and The Frog. The following day we travelled across Dover on the Ferry (The Spirit of London, which is a really nice new ferry). When we arrived at Disney Land Paris we went to see the Wild West Show which was so entertaining. Over the days I went on many of the rides at Disney Land Park/Studio which included The Hollywood Tower (Yes that elevator drop ride) usually I am a scaredy cat and I wouldn’t usually want to go on such as ride but when I got there I was excited.com and couldn’t wait to go on the scariest ride of all lol with my other two lovely female friends (thanks for encouraging me Steph and Vanda haha). I enjoyed shopping at Paris and of course strutting my stuff on the huge catwalk stage during the Face of Europe finals.

I am happy to announce that at the finals I made final 10 on the live stage out of 56 finalists at the finals and out of 5000 contestants that have applied/competed in the FOE competition. I also won the Miss Charity Europe title. I really, really wanted to win this award and worked extremely hard. I am happy to announce that I have raised over £1,500 for Headway and Rainbow Child Foundation Charity since March 2011 and I hope to raise even more money in 2012. Congrats to all winners and all contestants that competed at the finals. You were all wonderful!!


Also well done to Keanu  he raised nearly 300 Australian Dollars (nearly £200 bristish pounds) by having a Charity Hair Cut!! That was a super moment!! I went round collecting money from all the girls and other people that were on four different coaches while he had his hair cut by our fabulous FOE hairdresser in the freezing cold (I’ll upload the video of this soon) Such an amazing young guy for doing this awesome challenge for Charity – well done mate!!  I can’t forget the sing-along-songs that sang songs on coach 3, we were so lively lol, I also enjoyed participating in quizzes and watching Disney Movies that made me all soppy haha. This trip was one to remember and the hotel palaces that we visited were just amazing!!! The buffet food before the finals was the best that I have ever had anywhere, so exquisite 🙂

I just want to thank everyone. Firstly to God for his amazing grace and favour, then to my mother for her wonderful faith in me and financial support, thanks to all of my family, Face of Europe team, Lucie and Gisele for organising such a life-changing pageant, thanks to my friends, fans, supporters. Thanks to people who donated money to charity and well done to all contestants and winners, it was lovely to meet you all and to chill out with you too!! I couldn’t have achieved this massive success without all of your love, support, encouragement and kindness.

Dreams really can come true so make your dream a reality today!! Go out there and do the impossible.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Love from Queen Chioma Miss Charity UK and Europe 2011 xxx

P.s. Good news my music video is officially out so please check it out below, hope you like it!! Pls FB it, tweet it and pls spread the word. lets get this song and video into the charts.
Thanks a bunch!!!