Queen Chioma wins Miss Stardust Boutique 2011& now on a mission to be a Face of Europe finalist at Disney Land Paris

Queen Chioma Nworgu; Motivational Speaker and Singer from North London, Islington, has just won the title of Miss Stardust Boutique (on the 18th of August 2011) an online beauty contest where 35 Beauty Queens from Miss England, Miss Great Britain, Face of Europe, Miss Universe and Miss Galaxy were competing for the crown and title. Queen Chioma won 1st place with a total of 565 votes and 276 comments. Fans showed their dedication and support for Queen Chioma by setting up multiple Face book events and groups in order to promote her and increase her chances of winning. Now Queen will be representing the company Stardust Boutique for a year. She will be crowned in Cardiff in September 2011.

Queen Chioma is now on a mission to take on the next crown. She will compete in Face of London heat (for Face of Europe) in September and wants to take home the crown and title. She dreams of being a positive role model in society, the ITV Dinner Date star says ‘I have always wanted to be a model, beauty queen and represent companies and most importantly I want to help as many charities as possible. I have been in 11 beauty pageants, 10 live-staged heats and won Miss Charity Kent in March 2011, this placed me in the Miss Charity UK grand finals which will be held at Face of London, in London Zoon on the 17th of September. That day I will be in the grand-finals for Miss Charity UK and competing for the crown of Miss Charity UK also, so fingers crossed that I win one of these titles, if I win, it means that I will also win a place in the European finals held at Disney Land Paris’.

Queen Chioma, the MA degree graduate, regularly gives academic and motivational presentations and seminars in the UK and in Europe which includes Turkey and Bulgaria. She has travelled to several countries and cities but has never been to Disney Land Paris before, she states ‘It would be a dream come true if I could make the European finals,  firstly because I will have the opportunity to represent London and make my home town Islington extremely proud and secondly because it’s every girls dream to be a Princess in Disney Land, I want this dream to come true, but above all to be honest my main aspiration is to raise as much money for Charity as this is my passion.’

Queen Chioma the previous UK Policies Ben TV Presenter; will be having a major Charity Fundraising Event and Miss Stardust Boutique Launch party where she will entertain the audience with singing and motivational speaking and sell copies of her new music CD all in aid of raising as much money for Rainbow Child and Headway Charity as part of the Miss Charity UK challenge for the Face of Europe pageant.

In March 2011, the success coach – Queen Chioma released her 1st Motivational Audio CD packed with top tips on how to be successful in life. The CD is titled ‘The Year of Greater Achievement, 7 steps on how to win great things in life’.  Her aim and passion is to help thousands of youths across London and abroad, she wants to help them push for success and overcome negative stereotypes and stigmas attached to most youths in this modern day and age. She states ‘I believe that with the support of Islington, friends, family and fans across the county on my side and with sheer faith in God that all things are possible, if I can win Face of London in September this can be a powerful way for me to reach the youths as I can use my motivational messages to really transform London youths and give them the encouragement that they need to push for success and greater achievement. Youths need support and I want to give them this support’.

20% sales from each CD sale goes directly towards her Charity fundrasing for Headway and Rainbow Child Foundation Charity she states ‘I need all the support that I can get to raise this money for Charity so please buy my motivational CD or directly donate money today specificially for these charities’. Also look out for invitations to her Miss Charity UK Fundraising Event and Miss Stardust Boutique Launch Party in early Sept 2011.

Visit her website by going to www.queenchioma.com
Facebook   www.facebook.com/queenchiomasinger

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