Queen Chioma – ITV, MTV and Street Dance 2 3D the Movie

Dear Friends,

It has been an exciting few weeks indeed from photo shoots to appearances and projects on TV and guess what? On the 12th of July 2011 I spent the day as an extra in the Movie called Street Dance 2 3D. Can you believe it? Cos I can’t lol. It was an amazing day of filming, really tiring but it was well worth it 🙂

Last week I changed my hair to completely black (no more strawberry blonde or brown for a while) I did this last week so I will upload some new pictures soon from the photoshoot that I did last week Friday with my new black hair but for now take a look as this picture to the left which was a pic from a previous photo shoot with Rainbow Studio Photography around 3 weeks ago.

About 2 weeks ago I received a call from ITV and MTV on the same day and I had 1 casting with ITV and then had to go to the MTV one which was a train ride away. I had to really organise myself and prepare my time to be able to be able to go to both.  The ITV casting was for me to be in an actress as one of the four brides a pilot for the programme Four Brides. So that day I auditioned for two characters and I wasn’t sure if I got the part or not and had to wait for that phone call.

I will not spill the beans on the MTV one but lets just say that I pranked my friend on the show and it was very funny lol. It was exciting and fun and my friend was so surprised that I pranked her. It was a fun prank nothing bad. I am looking forward to watching this episode of Pranked which is like the UK version of Punked. So I will let you know when to look out for the show on MTV.

On that same day that I was on my way home with my friend from MTV. I got a call from ITV saying that I had done really well in my audition and that they really liked how I played the Princess role and wanted to offer me the character of the Princess. I was so happy and excited.Woooo my chance to be an actress on a Pilot for ITV.

Few days later and filming commenced I had to dress up in a very dressy or princess kind of outfit and I wore my crown of course lol. Anyway I won’t spill the beans but it was an amazing day of camera, lights and action. Lots of filming and lots of glamourousity. I felt very honoured to be one of the Four Brides with such a major role. I can’t wait to get the DVD and to show you 🙂

Dinner date was on that exact date and I was on Dinner date, I had done this in April-May 2011. I never even got to watch me on Dinner Date at 5pm on the 5th of July when it first come onto TV as I was busy filming for Four Brides. I had to pre-record it. When I got home I enjoyed watching Dinner Date but I didn’t like Wayne’s comments and feel that it’s not nice to say things that has the potential to tarnish a person’s image or career, pure exaggeration also. When singers perform they always make it fun and entertaining and that’s why singers always have dancers to dance with them or flirt with them. This is the modern world. Just watch any pop video and you will see this.

Anyway I have no time to look back it’s all about looking forwards and being an extra for Street Dance (2) 3D is definitely a step forwards for me and I am looking forward to watching it in on the big screens – the cinema when it’s released, hoping that I will be spotted and noticed in the film hahaha.

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Scripture of the week:
Galatians: 6: 9-10: ‘Let us not become weary of well doing for at the proper time,  we will reap if we do not give up’.

Prayer is the key and cast your burdens on the Lord for he cares, when no one else is there he is always there. Sometimes we can get too busy for God but lets make an extra special effort to make good time for him so that he can guide and protect us in all of our ways 🙂

Lots of love

Queen Chioma Nworgu xxx