My Modelling and TV pursuits ~ Miss Charity Kent 2011 ~

Dear Friends 🙂

How are you my wonderful friends?? As most of you know. I have been busy TV Presenting and also pursuing a Modelling Career. The type of modelling that I want to get into is Parts Modelling, Print, Fashion, Magazines, Corporate Modelling, Beauty, Hair, Promo Modelling, Fitness Modelling, Products Modelling, Extra, Acting, Voice overs, Adverts. As a Singer and Motivational Speaker also its easy for me to get work in speaking and singing because I have been doing it for years but now it’s time for me to explore a new angle, which is what I am doing these days. I also created an online radio show, which you can tune into by clicking on the link below. I need your consistent support my friends if you want to see me go global lol 🙂 haha. Click here to hear me on my online radio show:
I have had several interviews, one is to featured in a book, some others are features for newspapers and blogs. It’s really exciting. I have had 2 photoshoots in the space of 2 months and have more photoshoots and even a video shoot for my song ‘Because of You’ coming up shortly.

My friends life is getting exciting because I am starting to live out my dreams rather than just do boring 9-5 jobs that I used to do before that I couldn’t stand!! I feel free and happy these days and I am excited to do music, pageants, modelling, TV Presenting and Motivational Speaking.
It’s all hard work and I am only at the beginning, lots more work to do!! I received my Modelling comp cards on Saturday through the post. I will show you my Modelling Comp cards very soon. In my next blog perhaps 🙂

I have been following Isobella Jade and she gives great tips for those wanting to enter the modelling industry especially aimed at Petite Models, she is a big inspiration and really achieving her goals as a petite model. Check her out on if you want Modelling advice you can really learn a lot from her 🙂

I used to think that if your short all you could do is Glamour Modelling but this is not true and really it annoys me when I see all these young models in just their underwear. Yes its nice to model lingerie and swimwear but come on….have some variety to your pictures other than just knickers and bras. I encourage you (if you are trying to break into modelling) to think of actually showing a variety of what you can model which can include doing normal stuff like what Isobella Jade mentions in her videos which can include walking a dog, modelling a product etc. I have been working on creating these shots with my photographer, in fact I have been doing some photo shoots over the months with two of my main photographers. I will be writing another blog and showing you some of my pictures. So keep checking back this weekend or coming week.

Also just in case you didn’t know I won the Miss Charity Kent 2011 crown and title which was at Face of Kent, Face of Europe pageant, this was in March but I am so happy and grateful for this success and it has really impacted my life in a positive way. I am hoping to use my title to be a good role model in the society. I am wishing and hoping that I make the European finals which will be in Disney Land Paris, so I hope to win Miss Charity UK in Sept, fingers crossed, must really work hard to raise money for Charity and my passion is that I help those that are less fortunate.

I truly believe that pageants is a great way to cross over into Modelling. Having done 11 pageants across UK for Miss Great Britain in 2010 I have gained lots of experience on how to smile, pose, how to walk, how to talk and how to project elegance, confidence and grace. If you would like to get into modelling and have no idea how to break into the industry I would advice start with doing a beauty pageant. Also work on creating a good portfolio also you have to know what type of modelling you will like to get into i.e. Runway (if you are 5.8 and above) if you are petite then perhaps consider promo modelling, product modelling and editorial. If you are doing beauty pageants and want to know how you can win please tune into online my radio blog where I give 5 steps on how to win a pageant
click on the link:

Some people think and say to me ‘You want to do everything’. ‘Yes thats right’ I reply ‘I do’. I obviously enjoy my speciality areas such as Motivational Speaking, Success Coaching and I have an MA degree in Education so I am highly educated with 2 degrees but I am a woman of many talents, very multi-talented, I design cards to free-lance hairdressing. Why not use all of your talents. Why should you just be boring and do one thing all of your life. I would yawn a lot if I just did one thing all of my life. I think you become more interesting when you can do a variety of things in your life. So get multi-talented, develop your gifts, talents and  skills and you will be more successful in life, you will get more work and you will meet more people. This is my secret weapon and key to my success 🙂  Its not about being a jack of all trades but it’s about being a Master of Everything, every talent and every gift that you have. that I have, so I am not intending to just be an average person in life. Average people do not get very far. I want to aspire and achieve and I advice you to do the same 🙂

Anyway hope this blog helps and wish you success in your career 🙂

Check out this video where I did some TV Presenting for the programme UK Policies on Ben TV, I interviewed Charlotte Campbell on the topic of
Single Mothers. Click on the link below: 

Also click on this link to see me TV Presenting – Ganjo Style at Black and White Ball at Gilgamesh, I am excited that Ganjo was used my song ‘Because of you’ right near the end for this video whoooo exciting. Thanks Ganjo :-), I hope you all like my song in this video…check out the full video and listen out for my song ‘Because of you’ at the end. Also make sure you follow Ganjo!!! :