My travelling experiences in Bulgaria (Plovdiv) and Turkey (Istanbul)

Dear friends,

In Mid June 2010 I embarked on a trip to Bulgaria and Turkey for academic conferences and to perform as a singer at two of the major dinner party events in Turkey and Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria they were having a Comparative Education Societies Conference. I was one of the speakers at this event, I gave a presentation on ‘Academic Success’ which was a summary of my findings from my MA dissertation (oh yeh just in case you didn’t know, I have passed my MA degree in Education – recently received my certificate) yay!! :-).

In Bulgaria…I also had the honour of being the singer for the main dinner party event also. It was so fun performing to the live audience. I initially set out to perform only 2 songs but the organiser was so generous and said I should sing as many as I want. They had a Karaoke machine so I entertained the crowd by singing about 7 songs. You name it…I sang it…I sang some of the cheesy hits along with some of the classic hits. It was so fun. I got the people dancing which was very cool. I was so in love with Bulgaria – the food, the sights, and oh my goodness my hotel was glorious and glam….it looked like 7 stars to me, I bought so many clothes and shoes!! However; eventually after a few days of conferences, sight-seeing and touring it was finally time to wave Bulgaria good-bye and travel to Turkey.

When I initially got to Turkey – Istanbul (Taksim square) I thought this place is so much  like Trafalgar Sq and Oxford Street (in London). My hotel was across the road from Taksim Sq. I totally enjoyed going out in the square especially night with my mum and her friends. Going for meals, late night shopping and late night sight seeing. Wow!! After exploring I realised that Istanbul I was so amazed by the beauty. I noticed that Turkey is a country with glamorous views, amazing buildings, beautiful sights, beautiful seas, culture and the people are very warm, loving and welcoming. There is so much to see and soooo much to explore and experience in Turkey.

Once again…I was speaking at another conference but this time it was 3 times bigger than the one in Bulgaria. The one in Bulgaria was full off hundreds of people but the one in Turkey was the World Congress Conference which was held in Bogozici University, catering for thousands of people. I couldn’t believe it. I was part of such a major international event. It was so prestigious, orange was the theme so everything was in orange, the students wore orange t-shirts, we had orange books…you name it!! The University campus was so glamorous that I felt like I was in one of those places that you see on TV. It was clearly amazing and I was so happy to be there.

I gave my second presentation on ‘How female teachers manage disruptive students’ quite a hot and interesting topic and area of research. I did not agree with the labelling term of ‘disruptive students’ and even expressed this within my presentation. I had great feed back from my presentations. Someone said ‘the presentation you gave in Istanbul was amazing, even better than the one that you gave in Bulgaria’. I was very uplifted by the feedback considering that I was perhaps the youngest speaker at this event!! I even chaired a session which was even more nerve-racking lol. But also a brave move too!! I watched a concert in Turkey too…it was out doors organised by the University…it was amazing. Wow they could sing!!

I felt very famous in Istanbul, I was photographed by people whee ever I went…they would randomly stop me and ask if they could take pictures with me 🙂 Near the ending of the conference there was a massive boat party where we all cruised across the whole shore for about 4 hours. Wow…the views, the sea and the buildings that we saw were sensational!! I felt so blessed to sing on a massive boat for the World Congress Conference Gala Night!! felt like I was in heaven. I performed two songs this time and once again everyone danced so I felt really comfortable entertaining everyone.

The other highlights of my travelling experiences  in  Bulgaria and Turkey is that  I was able to meet so many amazing people from all over the world…people from South Africa, Canada, USA, UK, Kazakstan, Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Berlin,  Australia, Mexico and so many other people. I made so many friends. I had my work published into two books so now I am an author yay :-). I came back with a bag full of business cards and I am looking forward to building friendships or connections with the people who I have met :-).

I will always remember this wonderful journey that I had.

Well, gotta go now…I will write a new blog or a new article soon.

Many thanks for reading.

P.s. I have been trying to upload the pictures to Facebook but they it hasn’t really been working so I will try again over this weekend.

Chioma xxxxx

4 thoughts on “My travelling experiences in Bulgaria (Plovdiv) and Turkey (Istanbul)

  1. Hi Chioma,
    Loved your post about Bulgaria and Turkey. What a fantastic experience!

    Also, thank you for the comparison of Taksim Square to Trafalgar Sq. or Oxford St. My family owns a travel agency in the US that specializes in travel to Turkey and we can never articulate the Taksim Sq. experience to Americans. I think because so many Americans have traveled to England – this comparison is both accurate and easier for Americans to understand.


    • Heyyy, sorry for the late response, haven’t been on here for a long while.
      My experience was awesome and I would so love to go again.
      Yes I really think it was so similar to Oxford Street…but even bigger hehe and everyone said so
      that came with me (from UK) so we are sure that there is a major similiarity.
      Wow your family business sounds exciting.
      Wishing you a great Christmas.
      Queen xx

  2. I’m glad all is going well for you. Despite your wonderful posts, my Alexa toolbar shows no rank for your blog. Submit your blog to [1] “Google Blog Submit” and [2] “Ping O Matic” so that it can be indexed by search engine robots. Google the keywords and it will take you to the right links. You’d know what to do once you are there. Blessings to you and yours, always.


    • Heyyy, sorry for late reply I haven’t logged in for a while.
      Thanks for the tip. I will try and submit the blog indeed as I would like to know the ratings etc.
      Many thanks
      Queen xxx

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