Miss South East and Miss Central London ~ Beauty Pageants for Miss Great Britain

Dear friends,

I recently joined the Miss Great Britain Club and since then I have been a contestant for 2 pageants so far which were for: Miss Central London (May 8th 2010) and Miss South East in Romford Essex (29th of May 2010). A few years ago I would have never thought that I would do beauty pageants, as I only thought it was for really tall beautiful woman lol, but my really good friend kept saying that I should start modelling so I thought that I should go for it and when I saw this contest online I though why not!!

Now that I have done a couple of pageants I am even more determined to shine at the next one that I do, it’s really fun and I love it, it’s an amazing experience, I have met so many lovely girls and I really enjoyed being a contestant at the pageants. 

At Miss Central London OK magazine were present and photographing us, I felt so famous lol, we had so many pictures taken by so many different photographers, it was like flash photography!! and also Latin TV filmed us too.

In the Miss South East heat the photographer was amazing, the pictures came out stunning and all the presenters and judges and Liz were so lovely and kind!!

I even got some really good feedback which I can take on board and try and do better in the next pageant. I intend on doing more pageants. I haven’t won any so far and my hope is that I win at least one title this year, so that I can continue to be a role  model for young women, do charity work, and so that I can gain more publicity and exposure to continue my work as a Singer, Motivational Speaker in a bigger and better way.

Write again soon. Queen Chioma xxx