My Modelling Photo Shoot – 1st of May 2010

Dear friends,

Ok this has just come from know where but I started doing some modelling and I have many things lined up for the year so I think I can officially say that I am also a model now along with motivational speaking , singing and coaching haha. It’s funny as many of my friends kept telling me to pursue modelling. I always thought of it as a nice compliment but didn’t really ever take it seriously, but then recently I decided to join an agency and realised that I could have some slight potential lol.

So a few weeks ago on the 1st of May, I went to Stepheny Green and I had my first modelling photo shoot with Snipper photography. A lady called Leslie Burns took my pictures, a great photography, she is so lively, creative and fun!! Now I have quite a good portfolio for myself  by doing the photo shoot. I took along about 6 outfits, really simple outfits, I didn’t want to wear glam clothes as wanted to reflect more day-to-day life pictures and different looks that would help to promote my business, singing career and modelling. I really liked some shots of me by the piano and the pictures in a green outfit the best.

Check out some of my pictures below:  


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Many thanks and I’ll write again soon 🙂

Chiom xxxxxxx