Increase your capacity to give and receive LOVE :-)

Happy Valentine’s Weekend 🙂

That special time of the year is approaching ‘Valentine’s day’. I am sure that most of you are doing something special and romantic. If you are lucky enough to have a special date lined up with a date or spouse – always remember to give love. Give love to your date by giving them your undivided attention, care, affection, warmth and tender-kindness.

Show love to your date by giving good eye contact, by listening to what they say, give them compliments and make sure you give them a nice gift and a card. Above all Valentines day is about fun – so make them enjoy spending time in your presence by being as fun and lively as you can be.

It is also significant that you ‘receive love’ – the best way to receive love is by showing gratitude when your date is kind to you i.e. say thank you to your date when s/he compliments you, say thank you when h/she offers to pay for the meal or cinema tickets. Your date can try to show you love in a million ways but maybe your heart is closed and you don’t receive their love. Relationships can become very frustrating if one person finds it hard to express or receive love, so make it a habit to open your heart to love.

‘So what should I do if I don’t have a date Chioma?’, ‘Do something special for yourself’ (is my answer). Love is not always about people making you feel special, sometimes we need to pamper ourselves. Maybe you could go shopping and buy yourself a bunch of  roses, a beautiful card and some chocolates. Go out with some friends (who are also single) for a lovely Valentine’s day meal. If everyone is busy; don not despair….stay at home and cook yourself a nice meal, pamper yourself and watch movies. If you can not enjoy your own company and love yourself then it may be hard for you to love that special someone when h/she comes along. Start with loving yourself before you try to love others.

Well. I hope this blog helps and I wish you all a wonderful, romantic, special, fun, blessed valentines weekend – Happy Valentines day for tomorrow 🙂

Queen Chioma xxxxx

This week I want you to increase your awareness of how much people love you. At the end of each day or when you get home from work, write down 3 things that has happened to you in the day (that has made you feel loved and special). It could be simple things like a cuddle that a friend gave you when you met up, a smile a man gave you when you were on the tube, maybe your sister said you look amazing in your new suit. Put the list into a box or under your pillow and at the end of the week look over all the things that have happened in the week. You will be  amazed and your love tank will be full 🙂 We take simple things for granted…we need to become aware of love and let it make us whole 🙂

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